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Prison Guard Caught Allegedly Smuggling Drugs into Prison

Prison drugs

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) arrested a prison guard and a prisoner for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine and ecstasy in Lubuk Pakam Penitentiary in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

BNN deputy for drug eradication Insp. Gen. Arman Depari said the agency got a tip-off that drugs from Malaysia were about to be delivered to Indonesia and be circulated inside the penitentiary.

The agency raided the penitentiary and caught a drug courier named Bayu when he was delivering a package of 50 grams of meth.

“The meth carried by the courier was collected by a prison guard named Maredi, who was ordered to do so by a prisoner named Dekyan. Both were arrested when they were handing over the meth inside the penitentiary,” Amran said in Medan on Saturday.

Following the arrest in Lubuk Pakam Penitentiary, Amran said the agency had arrested another five suspects who were also involved in the drug dealing syndicate at different locations.

The agency confiscated 36 kilograms of meth and 3,000 ecstasy pills from five suspects. Cash amounting to Rp 681.6 million (US$46,213), a debit card, bankbook, digital scale, passport, motorcycle and car belonging to the suspects was also seized.

“All the haram drugs were smuggled from Malaysia,” Amran said.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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