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Pimp Recruits Underage Sex Workers from Cirebon to Bali

Pimp Recruits Underage Sex Workers from Cirebon to Bali

A case of child prostitution has been uncovered by the Tanjung Priok Sector Police in Sunter, North Jakarta, with the aim to entice young girls to work.

North Jakarta Metro Police Chief Commissioner Guruh Arif Darmawan said the suspect, RSD, who was a pimp, did not say that the job in question was selling themselves for sex.

“The victim and the pimp already knew each other, then they were promised work somewhere, but it was not what the victim expected,” said Guruh.

Guruh said that his team is still investigating the case because there are indications that the number of victims recruited by RSD is more than the initial four people. The suspect admitted to recruiting underage prostitutes not only from Jakarta but also from Cirebon to Bali, working by word of mouth.

Regarding the fees for underage prostitution, or rape, the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Tanjung Priok Police, Adjunct Commissioner of Paksi Eka Saputra said, based on RSD’s statement, a child rape customer who was also arrested by the police had paid Rp 20 million to RSD to rape four underage children.

According to the statements of the four victims, they only received Rp1-3 million from the proceeds. “The difference in figures from the profit is for the pimp,” said Paksi.

The disclosure of this child prostitution and rape case began with police patrols on social media. At that time, the suspect RSD was selling minors through the MiChat application.

Police finally arrested RSD in a hotel parking lot in Sunter on Monday. After being interrogated, RSD finally showed the room where the children were working.

The underage sex workers, each with the initials DM (17), FZ (15), AA (15), and SF (15) were then taken to the Tanjung Priok Police Child Protection Unit and have been appointed as witnesses in the case. They plan to be given assistance from a psychologist to restore their mental state.

RSD is currently languishing at the Tanjung Priok Police Detention Centre. The suspect is charged under article 1 number 1 of law 21 of 2007 concerning human trafficking with the threat of imprisonment of up to six years.

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