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Persija Football Club Fans Damage Minimarket, Attacks Employee

Dozens of Jakmania, avid fans of the Persija Jakarta soccer club, have vandalised a convenience store in Depok, West Java, and assaulted two of its employees, according to police.

The incident occurred on Sunday at around 1 p.m.

Pancoran Mas Police chief Comr. Roni Wowor said on Sunday that a bus filled with Jakmania fans passing along Jl. Pitara drove into a cable, causing one fan, who had been sitting atop the bus, to fall down.

“The bus then stopped in front of the minimarket, blocking access to the minimarket’s parking lot. The shop’s parking attendant, Fahrul Irfan, suggested the bus driver move the bus. The supporters in the bus got angry,” Roni said as quoted by

Some of the supporters got off the bus and assaulted Fahrul, who suffered bruises and minor facial wounds.

One of the minimarket employees, Chandra Wijaya, recorded the incident with his cell phone. Upon noticing this, the supporters seized Chandra’s cell phone and assaulted him, wounding his right eyelid.

“Afterwards, the Jakmania broke the store’s glass door,” Roni said, adding that they eventually left the scene.

Roni believed the supporters were from Depok or Bogor.

“We are digging deeper into the case,” he said.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: Dokumentasi Polsek Pancoran Mas

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