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New Regulations for International Arrivals from Transportation Ministry

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The Transportation Ministry has released circulars concerning the guidelines for the implementation of people travelling from overseas by land (no.75 of 2021), sea (no.76 of 2021), and air (no. 74 of 2021).

Spokesperson for the Transportation Ministry Adita Irawati said that, in general, the international travel conditions are still the same. There are several points that require potential travellers to take note of.

“This circular will come into effect on 16th September 2021 for land and sea, and 17th September 2021 for air until a later date and can be extended according to the needs and the latest developments in the field,” Adita explained.

The circular states that PCR tests are to be carried out 72 hours before arrival and will also be carried out at the arrival location, be it at ports, airports, or cross-border border posts.

Supervision will also be tightened in collaboration with related elements such as the Indonesian National Police, the Transportation Service, the Health Ministry’s Port Health Office (KKP), the Central and Regional COVID-19 Task Force, and others.

The restrictions are for Indonesian migrant workers (PMI), Indonesian citizens, foreigners, passengers and cargo ship crews, as well as flight personnel who will enter Indonesia.

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Aside from using the PeduliLindungi app as a travel condition, the provisions include the following:

  1. Indonesian citizens and foreigners from abroad must:
    1. Show negative PCR test results from the country of departure with samples taken within a maximum of 72 hours before departure and attached at the time of the health examination.
    2. Fill in the Indonesian International e-HAC through the PeduliLindungi application or manually in the country of departure.
    3. Undergo mandatory full vaccination, three PCR tests and quarantine for eight days.
  2. Foreign passengers are also required to show proof of ownership of health or travel insurance which includes health financing in quarantine and COVID-19 treatment while in Indonesia.
  3. Upon arrival, PCR retests are carried out for Indonesian citizens and foreigners from abroad and are required to undergo quarantine for eight days.
    1. For Indonesian citizens who are migrant workers, students, or government employees returning from overseas official trips, quarantine costs are borne by the government.
    2. For Indonesian passengers outside these criteria and for foreigners including foreign diplomats, outside the head of the foreign representative and the family of the head of the foreign representative, all must pay the full costs of quarantine.
  4. Indonesian citizens and foreigners will retest another PCR test on the seventh day of quarantine.
    1. In the event that the result is negative, after quarantining for eight days, Indonesian citizens and foreigners can be released from quarantine and allowed to continue their paths. They are encouraged to self-isolate for a further 14 days and implement Health protocols.
    2. In the case of a positive test, treatment is carried out at the hospital and Indonesian passengers will have the cost covered by the government, while foreign passengers will need to cover all costs themselves or through insurance.
  5. In the event that the foreign passenger is unable to pay for the self-quarantine and/or treatment at the hospital, the sponsor, that is the ministry/institution/state-owned enterprise that provides sponsorship for the entry permit for the foreign passenger can be held responsible for the cost.

Quarantine obligations are excluded for foreign passengers holding diplomatic visas and service visas related to official or state visits of foreign officials at ministerial level and above and foreign passengers entering Indonesia through the Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity while still implementing strict health protocols.

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