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Visas Available for Indonesia Again

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The Law and Human Rights Ministry has released Regulation no. 34 year 2021, which allows for visa and immigration stay permits during the handling of COVID-19 and the national economic recovery.

Indonesia will be ensuring that every passenger brings a valid COVID-19 negative PCR test result and evidence that they have received the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Those under 12 years old and those entering using yachts are exempted from the vaccine requirement.

Foreigners holding a valid visa or stay permit can enter Indonesia through specified immigration points after meeting the health protocols as determined by the ministry or agency implementing the handling of COVID-19.

A valid visa or stay permit is defined as:

  1. Service visa;
  2. Diplomatic visa;
  3. Visit visa;
  4. Limited residence visa;
  5. Official stay permit;
  6. Diplomatic residence permit;
  7. Limited stay permit; and
  8. Permanent residence permit

As well are visa holders as stated above, the crew of the transportation workers who arrive using their means of transport, Asia-Pacific Economic Business Travel Card Cooperation (KPP APEC) holders, and traditional border crossers, can also enter Indonesia.

Furthermore, Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna H. Laoly continues to temporarily suspend the granting of visa-free visits and visit visas upon arrival until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over by the Indonesian government.

Arrangements regarding diplomatic visa-free service are carried out by the minister who organises government affairs in the field of foreign relations.

Application for visit visas and limited stay visas must be submitted electronically in accordance with the provisions of the legislation by attaching:

  1. evidence of having received the full dose of a COVID-19 vaccine;
  2. a statement letter confirming they are willing to comply with all health protocols in Indonesia; and
  3. proof of ownership of health or travel insurance that includes health cover, and/or a statement of willingness to pay independently if affected by COVID-19 while in Indonesia.

Foreigners holding residence permits residing in Indonesia and who have not been able to return to their country of origin can be granted a new stay permit after obtaining a visa. This includes visit visas or limited residence visas.

Visas must be submitted by a guarantor to the Director-General of Immigration electronically. This is done by fulfilling the requirements according to the provisions of the regulations legislation through the following mechanisms:

  1. electronic application submission in accordance with the provisions of the legislation; and
  2. Visa fee payment and visa approval fee

SOURCE: Law and Human Rights Ministry PERMENKUMHAM NOMOR 34 TAHUN 2021

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