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New Jagorawi Toll System and Tariff to Start on Friday

Toll road operator PT Jasa Marga will initiate an integrated payment system along the Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi (Jagorawi) toll road on Friday, Sept. 8, which will see a single tariff scheme implemented along the busy toll road.

The move by the state-owned company, which will also see payments at the Cibubur Utama and Cimanggis Utama tollgates eliminated, is part of an attempt to ease traffic congestions on toll roads.

The new single tariff scheme means that vehicles will be charged equally from the Cawang entrance in East Jakarta all the way to the Bogor or Ciawi entrance in West Java.

The tariff itself will be determined based on vehicle type, with the fee for group one vehicles set at Rp 6,500, while the fee for the fifth group is set at Rp.19,500 (US$14.60).

“It’s a single tariff (scheme). For longer distance travel, the tariff has become cheaper, but for shorter distance the tariff would be an increase,” said Jasa Marga executive director Desi Arryani on Tuesday, as quoted by

The decision to integrate the toll payment system, according to Jasa Marga spokesperson Dwimawan Heru, was taken partly in response to the growing number of Bogor residents who commuted to Jakarta for work on a daily basis. Eliminating more payment points should reduce travel time for commuters, he said.


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