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Miss Universe International Comments on Alleged Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment
Miss Universe International Comments on Alleged Sexual Harassment

The Miss Universe organisation has commented on the alleged case of sexual harassment experienced by the finalists of Miss Universe Indonesia (MUID).

In an Instagram Story, the Miss Universe Organisation stated that they are aware of the incidents that occurred in Indonesia. The organisation claims to take these cases very seriously.

“We recently became aware of allegations related to the Miss Universe Indonesia competition and the licensee holding the contest,” the organisation wrote in its post.

Miss Universe takes allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriateness very seriously. Providing a safe space for women is a top priority for the Miss Universe Organisation, and we are closely monitoring this matter.

Cases of alleged sexual harassment against MUID finalists surfaced after MUID crowned Fabienne Nicole Groeneveld as Miss Universe Indonesia 2023.

Accompanied by attorney Mellisa Anggraini, former Provincial Director of West Java Rizky Ananda Musa, former Provincial Director of Bali Sally Giovanny, as well as representatives of the Provincial Director of East Java, several victims reported the incidents to the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police on Monday, 7th August 2023 (7/8).

Anggraini said a report was submitted to the Youth, Children, and Women Sub-Directorate regarding allegations of sexual harassment that violated the Sexual Violence Crime Act.

She explained that the finalists were asked to undergo body checks without prior notification. The procedure was carried out in a somewhat private place, and the staff took pictures of some of the finalists during the body-checking process.

“Earlier, we submitted evidence to the police, including the agenda rundown. But there was no mention of body checking at all. Of course, the contestants’ friends were shocked. Previously, during the fitting agenda, it turned out that the body checking was carried out recklessly, violating women’s private rights,” Anggraini explained at the press conference in the South Jakarta area on Monday.

As many as three people were reported, but she was reluctant to mention the details of the parties reported. Anggraini hopes that the case will be processed immediately so that it doesn’t drag on and gives the parties who should be responsible an opportunity to instead eliminate evidence or play the victim.

“We’ll just have to see; in the legal process, hopefully, it will move quickly, and the reported status will soon be elevated, asking for criminal responsibility,” she added.

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