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Dozens of Houses Damaged by Pati and Cilacap Flood

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Dozens of Houses Damaged by Pati and Cilacap Flood

Dozens of houses in two villages in Margoyoso District, Pati Regency, Central Java, have been washed away by flash floods in the area due to high rainfall.

“About 25 houses were washed away by flash floods in Margoyoso District. Specifically, in Bulumanis Kidul Village there were 13 houses and Tunjungrejo Village there were 12 houses, while Sekarjalak Village only has minor damage,” said Pati Regent Haryanto, after visiting the flood site in Bulumanis Kidul, Sub-district Margoyoso. 

To meet the food and drink needs of flood victims, he said, the Pati Regency Government has prepared public kitchens near their respective village halls. There is also a supply of food and drink from PMI Pati, volunteers, communities, the Social Affairs Ministry, the Pati Social Service, as well as a number of other parties.

The Pati Regency Government also carried out an inventory of victims of the flash flood that occurred early morning on Thursday 14th July. Residents whose houses were damaged will also be assisted by the government.

We hope that the community unites and does not blame each other. Let’s find the best solution together because flood victims also don’t just lose their homes, important documents are also carried away by the flood so they need a helping hand as soon as possible,” he stated, as quoted by Antara. 

The head of the Pati Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Martinus Budi Prasetya, accompanied the Pati Regent to visit the flood location in Bulumanis Kidul Village. He added that currently, flood victims have been temporarily evacuated to the nearest village hall.

“There are also some who have taken refuge in their relatives’ houses because the 25 houses scattered in the two villages are indeed uninhabitable,” he said.

The flooding in Margoyoso District is recorded to have hit three villages, namely Bulumanis Kidul, Sekarjalak and Tunjungrejo. Flooding also occurred in several villages in Pati Kota District, Wedarijaksa District, Trangkil District, and Margorejo District.

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