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Dispensation Letter for Mudik

The government has banned people from going home during Ramadhan, locally known as mudik, to prevent the spread of the corona virus, with the ban in place until 31st May.

However, there are concessions for residents who are in an emergency condition, who can still go to their village once they have official permission to do so.

The head of the National Police Traffic Corps (Korlantas), Inspector General Istiono, cited a number of permitted emergency reasons. “If your family is sick, someone has died, show me a letter, no problem [to go home]. Just take a photo, [as proof] his family is really ill,” he said through a statement on the Police Public Relations Division.

The certificate or letter that can be given must also be able to convince the officer when examined at the inspection point. “[If the letter is from the RT/RW only] I do not guarantee it will be obeyed by field officers. It could be that the RT/RW is lying” said the inspector general.

Once presented with a valid statement or letter, an officer will give permission for the vehicle to continue. Conversely, if there is no letter, travellers will be asked to turn around.

Residents can request the dispensation letter from the Department of Transportation, the Police (Polres), or the Task Force for the Acceleration of COVID-19 Handling. Requests for letters must also be accompanied by reasons and strong evidence.

Source: CNN Indonesia

Image: Merdeka

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