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Jokowi Changes Tack on Mudik

Transportation minister
Transportation Minister: Mudik 2021 Will Go Ahead

The Presidential Palace has said residents will be allowed to go home on Eid al-Fitr this year. However, the palace asked travellers to carry out isolation independently for 14 days when they arrive.

The policy is in accordance with Government Regulation No. 21 of 2020, concerning large-scale social restrictions in the context of accelerating the handling of COVID-19. In addition, the government will also involve leaders in an appeal to citizens regarding coronavirus prevention.

“Going home is allowed but those travelling will be given the status of people in monitoring. President Joko Widodo asserts there was no official prohibition for Eid travellers Eid al-Fitr 2020 M / 1441 H. However, travellers must be in self-isolation for 14 days and be given the status of people in monitoring (ODP) according to the health protocol of the WHO, which will be supervised by their respective regional governments,” said a spokesman for President Joko Widodo, Fadjroel Rachman.

According to Fadjroel, Jokowi has also reminded local governments to implement policies related to homecoming in accordance with the health protocol of the World Health Organisation. “Then we have to make sure all of the logistical distribution is smooth; basic needs are available in the markets. I hope that the Minister of Home Affairs will also give warning to regions that block their roads so that the logistics distribution business is not disrupted,” said Jokowi.

The government will design a campaign that will create awareness for citizens of how to prevent coronavirus from spreading. “The involvement of religious figures from large organisations to provide education to the public in socialising the discipline of implementing safe distancing that can really be done. Regarding the importance of washing hands and reducing movement out of the house, it needs to be conveyed. The discipline of wearing masks needs to be conveyed and the implementation of PSBB needs to continue to be conveyed in order for us to implement strict health protocols both at home and outside in a disciplined manner,” said Jokowi.

The government plans to give a special replacement national holiday for Lebaran that may be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. “In order to calm the community, maybe an alternative to replacing national holidays for another day, this might be discussed,” the president confirmed. The replacement hopes to ease people’s concerns during this pandemic and upcoming lebaran.

Source: Detik and CNN Indonesia

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