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Government Bans Eid al-Fitr 2021 Homecoming

The police found six people attempting to head home from Jakarta, destined for Central Java, hiding in an interprovincial bus, including in the toilet. They were trying to avoid inspections at the checkpoints set up to prevent homecoming or mudik.

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, has announced that Eid al-Fitr 2021 homecoming will now be banned.

“It is determined that in 2021, homecoming (mudik) will be prohibited. It applies to all civil servants, the Indonesian army and police, state-owned enterprises, private employees, independent workers, and also the entire community,” Muhadjir said.

The decision has been taken in light of the high number of infections and deaths due to COVID-19 after several long holidays, especially after the Christmas and New Year period.

Muhadjir said this ban will take effect from 6-17th May 2021.

“Before and after that time, people are advised not to move or do activities outside their region, unless it is really urgent and necessary,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the regulations that support the elimination of homecoming will be regulated by the relevant ministries and institutions, including the COVID-19 Handling Task Force.

He also emphasised that, even though the collective leave for Eid al-Fitr still exists, which is one day, no homecoming activities should be carried out.

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