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Coming Soon – Yogyakarta Cultural Festival 2022 

Yogyakarta Cultural Festival 2022 
Coming Soon - Yogyakarta Cultural Festival 2022 

The Yogyakarta Cultural Festival (FKY) is an annual event that residents of Yogyakarta and its surroundings always look forward to.

It returns in 2022 with the theme “Managing Water and Soil“.

Along with Yogyakarta, FKY 2022 will also have events in the Gunungkidul and Kulonprogo areas.  This event will be held from 12-25th September 2022.

As a complex cultural festival, holding a hybrid event has been chosen as the right format to present knowledge, experience, and entertainment. The programme at FKY 2022 will be presented as a series.

The opening of FKY 2022 will be held on Monday 12th September at Jalan Margo Mulyo and Pedestrian Tera Malioboro 1 from 6-9pm local time. The exhibition will be held at Teras Malioboro 1 from 12th to 21st September. 

The FKY 2022 event will be held in several places, including JNMbloc, UGM Wisdom Park, Gunungkidul Cultural Park, Kulonprogo Cultural Park, and Condongcatur Culinary Park. Furthermore, the FKY market and stage at the Condongcatur Culinary Park will be held from 22nd to 25th September, between 3-10pm. 

FKY 2022 chose the title “Berah Ruah” so that it can be interpreted as a hope for the existence of FKY.  It is hoped that the spirit of involvement and empowerment present in this festival will be able to have a broad impact as well as abundant blessings for the community.

In implementing the chosen theme, FKY 2022 will be both localised and decentralised. This is also a way to re-examine the term “cultural festival” that can be celebrated together.

This format also aims to expand the recording of the involvement of cultural actors and explore further the practice of cultural documentation carried out by the community.

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