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Blazing Suwung Landfill Ignited by Drought

Blazing Suwung Landfill Ignited by Drought
Blazing Suwung Landfill Ignited by Drought. Image Source:

The Suwung Final Processing Site has been ablaze since Thursday, 12th October 2023, as a result of a prolonged heatwave in the city of Denpasar.

“Extended periods of drought are believed to have triggered the generation of sparks. This situation is exacerbated by strong winds,” explained the Head of the Bali Regional Disaster Management Agency, I Made Rentin.

The fire started at 11:00 am WITA (local Bali time) when the majority of Denpasar residents were engaged in their daily activities. The Bali Regional Disaster Management Agency noted that the fire rapidly spread, consuming vast piles of dry waste.

A team of firefighters immediately attempted to extinguish the fire, deploying 10 units from Denpasar City, Badung Regency, and Gianyar Regency. Additionally, one loader unit and four excavators are on the scene to clear roads for convenient access to the fire.

As of the time of this news report, a substantial plume of smoke is still visible at the site. The fire has even affected several roads, starting from Jalan Pesanggaran – Sesetan.

Residents in proximity to the fire are advised to wear masks while carrying out their activities.

The Suwung Final Processing Site is used to serve as a landfill for the areas of Denpasar, Badung, and Gianyar. However, it is no longer operational due to the existence of the Kertalangu Integrated Waste Processing Site in Denpasar. Nevertheless, the closure of Suwung has led to the problem of waste accumulation and drying during the summer. The Regional Government has yet to devise a solution to address this issue.

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