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American Content Creator Stunned by the “Affordable” Fare at Jakarta’s Warteg

American Content Creator Stunned by the "Affordable" Fare at Jakarta's Warteg
American Content Creator Stunned by the "Affordable" Fare at Jakarta's Warteg. Image Source:

This latest viral sensation on TikTok is courtesy of Max, a content creator from the United States, who had lunch at a warteg in Jakarta for the first time.

Max, a social media influencer and content creator from the United States, went viral after enjoying lunch at a warung tegal (abbreviated as warteg) in Jakarta for the first time.

The American, who has made his presence known on the social media platform TikTok, gained attention after documenting his trip to Jakarta, exploring various restaurants in the capital city of Indonesia. At one point, he decided to stop by and enter a warteg named Warmo Tebet, situated in the Tebet neighbourhood, South Jakarta.

In a clip he uploaded on TikTok, he described how Warmo Tebet is open 24 hours, stating, “which is crazy to me,” as he remarked on camera. Once inside, he was stunned by the abundant selection of foods at the warteg. Simultaneously, he briefed his followers on how to order a dish at a warteg and even offered to take a selfie with an online ojek driver dining next to him.

Once he finished his plate, Max was surprised at how affordable the price of the dish he ordered was. For a plate consisting of stir-fried potatoes, shredded beef, tempe orek, and vegetables, the warteg only charged him Rp30,000, approximately equivalent to US$1.94.

Gushing over the food and its price, Max remarked, “That’s so cheap! It’s very cheap. It should be more than 30K! It needs to be higher!”

Max’s visit to Warmo Tebet has been watched on TikTok at least 63,000 times since it was first uploaded. Moreover, the content creator runs a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers, focusing on trying out various cuisines from different countries and cultures. A type of dining establishment, warteg finds its origins in Tegal Regency. Some of the foods a warteg typically offers are white rice, fried rice, fried noodles, stir-fried potatoes, shredded beef, catfish, fried bananas, chicken curry, and black tea. According to Komunitas Warung Tegal Nusantara, in 2019, the number of warteg in Jakarta alone could reach at least 40,000 across the city.


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