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What Vaccines Should Have Your Extra Attention in Indonesia? (Advertorial)

COVID-19 Vaccine Update in Indonesia

Most people who come to work and live in Indonesia are advised to have a set of vaccinations on top of the childhood immunizations. The majority of the vaccines will protect you for years to come, but some of the vaccines need further actions!

Typhoid fever

This bacterial infection is caused by the Salmonella typhi bacteria (food poisoning). Typhoid fever is highly contagious. The vaccine however is only valid for 3 year. Make sure your vaccine is still valid!

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B 

Make sure you had the full set of vaccinations! For hepatitis A you are supposed to have 2 or 3 vaccinations within a year’s time or within 18 months. This depends on the manufacturer of the vaccine.

In case you are not sure administering an extra vaccine against hepatitis A will not be harmful.

For Hepatitis B it is also important that you complete the full series which is usually a series of 3.

If for some reason this is incomplete or if you are not sure it is a good idea to test if you are protected. This can be done by a blood test. This enables a wise decision on additional vaccination.


If you are at risk to being exposed to possible bites or scratches from mammals (also think monkeys) you should protect yourself against rabies beforehand. This is especially important because if you are not vaccinated you need immunoglobulins which are almost impossible to purchase in Indonesia. The rabies vaccination costs about 240 thousand rupiah (you need a series of 3) versus thousands of dollars for the immunoglobulins. Try to avoid the need for the expensive immunoglobulins at all costs, especially because it can be very hard to source them.


A new vaccine which protects against 4 different viruses spread by mosquitos. You have to protect yourself against mosquitos and this widespread disease. This vaccine in Indonesia is licensed for the 9 to 16 years old age group.

Flu vaccination 

For all over 6 months old in a risk group. If you have chronic, respiratory, heart, kidney or liver disease. If you suffer from diabetes, immunosuppression or neurological disease you should also protect yourself. If you are pregnant or over 65 years old you also qualify.

This list is not complete. For any tailored advice regarding vaccination it is advised to speak to your doctor. At Good Practice Clinic we are happy to discuss your needs. Our Good Practice Pharmacy also carries quality vaccines.

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