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7 Ways Spirituality Can Answer Anxiety during This Pandemic

7 Ways Spirituality Can Answer Anxiety during This Pandemic

Have you been thinking unnecessarily about the coronavirus pandemic these days?

Have you been worrying about yourself being diagnosed with the virus? Have you been anxious about this overall pandemic? Is this pandemic getting into your nerves? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, don’t worry. Spirituality can answer your anxiety during this dreadful pandemic, and I am going to tell you how.

Charlie Chaplin said, “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world — not even our troubles.” And this is exactly right. Neither this pandemic is permanent, nor your worries. All of these are phenomenons and they happen based on their time of happening. Being worried and creating negative thoughts make it harder for you to cope with this situation.

Buddha once said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” The truth is, spirituality is the best possible resolution for your anxiety.

Now, if you are really trying to get rid of this anxiety, have some patience and be calm. Bring up the courage and start reading this. You will soon be enlightened with the ways to ease your anxiety through spiritualism.

What are Spirituality and Anxiety?

Spirituality is just a connection; your mind with the world and with something pure; your mind with something greater than yourselves and with something divine, which ultimately involves a search for meaning in life. And this connection can be gained through meditation, prayers, yoga, and physical exercises.

Anxiety is a condition during which, one witnesses worries and nervousness regularly. Severe and continuous anxiety may result in depression. And, you know what? Anxiety can be dealt with spirituality. I mean, through meditation, prayers, yoga, and exercises.

Let’s see the ways how this spirituality can answer anxiety.

  1. You Will Start Replacing Negative Thoughts with the Positive Ones

Well, it’s been heard lately that anxious people think negatively. But the question is, are they thinking negatively because of anxiety or are they being anxious because of the negative thoughts? An anxious person doesn’t have the power of realising that whatever he/she is negatively thinking.

Spiritualism works here by connecting you with the world. Meditation and yoga lift you out of anxiety and depression. It will make you recognise how negatively you have been thinking. It will make you see things in a better perspective, it will let you be what you wanted to be and it will let you know your strengths, as well as accept and compensate for your weakness.

There is no doubt that you will start thinking positively. Your “I can’t” starts changing into “why can’t I?” In other words, you will start being optimistic. You will start to have increased motivation, energy, and enjoyment of life. You will start to feel like being on top of things.

  1. You Will Start Coping with Panic and Feelings of Fear

Panic attacks generally occur when we are low on nervous energy. Anxious people think a lot and when the expectations are not fulfilled, panic attacks are likely to happen. If the panic attacks start happening quite often, fear starts arising.

Fear of “Why is this happening to me? Why are my expectations not being fulfilled?” Tolerance of stress comes handy here. If you can tolerate the stress, you are likely to have fewer panic attacks.

Spirituality makes you think less and do more. It lets you stay in the moment and think about something else. Spirituality also makes you think about panic attacks just as a nuisance. Most importantly, these spiritual actions will want you to accept the panic situation, relax, and let go.

“Accept-Relax-Let It Pass” will be the major antidote for you to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Spiritualism will make you feel like these panic attacks won’t harm you and they won’t last any longer. Thus, you will be able to tolerate stress.

  1. You Will Start Confronting Your Feelings

Many highly anxious and depressed people constantly carry a load of negative feelings, which they have not been able to either accept or express. Powerful emotions such as anxiety, jealousy, frustration, bitterness, hate or resentment are often felt for a long, long time. Anxious people suppress such emotions and the reason behind this is either they are frightened of the emotions or they don’t know how to express them.

Spirituality makes you deal with this situation and lets you confront your feelings. You will be able to express your feelings and after this, negative emotions start to arise less frequently. Little things that upset you will no longer upset you. You will live a happier life afterwards because the feelings that were suppressed for a long time will be released sooner.

  1. You Will Start Making your Imagination Work for You

Creative people make excellent use of the imagination. But, imagination itself can be the worst enemy if you allow it to work in a misdirected way. If you start imagining that you are not able to cope with any situation coming into your life, constantly keeping yourself in your imagination can eventually ruin you.

You will start to see yourself as a failure – an inadequate, underachieving, and unworthy person. You would create a strong opposing force against yourself which will never let you grow.

Deep meditations and yoga practices can free your mind. Your mind will be kept occupied and those spiritual beliefs would let you think positively. What you imagine would be for your own benefit. You will work less on the imaginations and the imaginations will start working on you.

  1. You Will Start Overcoming the Problems you Face

Anxious people are afraid to face problems and deal with them. They think that these problems can disappear by just closing their eyes.

These anxious people have never found the answers to their problem because they don’t seek it. They don’t acknowledge the problem nor do they even look at the problem. Neglecting problems arise from the fear of having to solve them. However, spiritual people have hope.

Spirituality makes you believe that you are not as trapped and helpless as you feel as it connects you with the divinity and makes you powerful enough to face the problem and solve it with ease. Spirituality lets you make the initial step in problem-solving.

  1. You Will Start Believing Yourself, Look After Your Self-Concept, and Build Your Self-esteem

A person with a good self-concept evaluates him/herself positively and has high self-esteem. They value themselves and believe in themselves. This is totally opposite in the case of anxious people as they don’t believe in themselves and have a very weak self-concept, which concept makes it difficult for you to accept yourself.

Spirituality makes you believe and helps you to be yourself; it helps in developing self-acceptance hence, making your self-concept stronger. Self-acceptance helps you create limits on your works and strengthens your ability to define yourself.

  1. You Will Start Setting Your Goals and Motivating Yourself

An anxious person finds it difficult to be motivated. He/she tends to drift without many aims, hoping that someone or something is going to put things in place. He/she does not want to take responsibility for their actions or directions, often feels emotionally drained and exhausted, not want to do anything, as well as just wanting to be left alone.

Spirituality, in this case, comes with a quality that provides you with the ability to set your own goals and take responsibility for your own actions or directions. Spirituality moves us away from the entire world of negative feelings, apathy, and hopelessness.

Following these seven ways of connecting spirituality to day-to-day life can be an easy way for you to deal with anxiety during this pandemic. Now here is a question I’d like to ask: will you be able to let spirituality grow within you during this pandemic?

Rishita is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health. She writes as a way to express her views on various medical and healthcare fields. She is particularly interested in healthy lifestyle issues and also writes about yoga and meditation and the importance of psychological and spiritual health.

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