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Reset, Recharge, Revive With a Moment’ Break

Whether you’re living in an expat hub in South Jakarta, or among the beautiful forests of Ubud in Bali it’s near impossible to feel truly alone in a country with a population as huge as Indonesia.

So what can we do when we need a moment’s peace and quiet?

Just a Minute

While most of the world’s top podcasts typically revolve around true crime and current affairs analysis, meditation and mindfulness has also found a niche in the emerging medium. Simply use your preferred podcast app to stream or download any of the various podcasts available, pop your earbuds in and hit play – drift above the chaos of traffic, de-stress in the office or have a moment’s respite in a busy shopping mall.

Take an Hour

If there’s one thing Jakarta offers expats in spades, it is yoga facilities. With every type – including aerial – offered and every corner of the city covered, a yoga class is a perfect way to de-stress while keeping fit and lean. The mental health benefits of exercise are well documented and the physical benefits of yoga, particularly for stretching and balance, are well known and felt immediately.

Two Hours

With two hours to spare it’s hardly enough for a holiday, but it is enough for a bit of Hollywood escapism. Most of the major shopping malls throughout the country have cinemas, and more importantly, these cinemas offer luxury-class cinema lounges. Take a moment to indulge in some buttery popcorn and a blockbuster in the comfort of the cinema.

A Day

Escape the city. Spend a day exploring nearby mountains, beaches and jungles that are never too far from the city even if it feels a lifetime away. From Jakarta, a day trip to the Thousands Islands can recharge any lagging batteries and for those in Bali, head inland for a day hike through the stunning natural landscape.

A Week

Spend your week at a silent retreat. Bali offers a range of retreats but to really recharge, go for the silent option. Spend the week eating with, exercising with and staying with other guests – all in 100 percent silence.

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