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Meet Some of the Jakarta International Football League Captains

Meet Some of the Jakarta International Football League Captains
Meet Some of the Jakarta International Football League Captains

This month we shall meet some of the individuals who make the JIFL function.

Sometimes these guys are the Team Manager and the Coach and the Captain, sometimes just dealing with match fixtures and the on-field stuff

There is no official qualification to become a JIFL Captain – no Coaching Badges, no Doctor of Medicine, no MBA

But you have to be the one who through experience or just “no other fkr will do it”- gets on with it – will be the organiser, slave driver and nursemaid. Do not underestimate the responsibility or workload.

These guys have to (usually):

Book the field,Pay for the fieldLiaise with the opponents
Make sure they get a team to the fieldPick the teamDry the tears of those not picked for the first XI
Deal with on field disciplinePrepare and file the Match ReportGet the battlefield walking wounded to the doctor
Deal with the prima donnas on the fieldDeal with the prima donnas off the fieldAttend the JIFL Meetings


So let’s meet some of these Heroes of JIFL:

Adam Batten – The Lions FC

After moving to Jakarta from London as an English Teacher with plans to travel the world, 12 years later Jakarta is still home.

Following a few unsuccessful seasons as a Lions player, where his height (yet lack of heading ability) and speed (deceptively slow) were often ridiculed, Adam (due to a lack of willing volunteers) took over the mantle of being the Lions manager. Fast forward a few years and the Lions are sitting pretty in mid table mediocrity but at least they have smart kits and decent sponsors!

Making friends wherever we go…….Lions!






André Domnowsky – German Plus

Andre (center) joined the team for the first time in 2013 during his internship in Jakarta. In 2014 he became a permanent player of the German Team. Since 2016 he has been the captain of German Plus and mainly plays as a striker. So far he has scored 175 goals for German Plus and is now targeting to overtake the German Plus Legend and Top Scorer (with 214 golas), Kai Fischer.

Even though there are several trophies on his picture the German Team wasn’t able to catch up with the glory from previous years during the 2017/18 season.

On the weekends Andre might be in certain expat bars such as Eastern Promise and Die Stube in Kemang – but only trying to recruit new players for the team…..of course!


Dan Pitts – DOIT

Originally from the UK, Dan has lived in Jakarta almost 11 years, and been involved in the DO IT team for ten of those.

The team is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and is one of the founder members of the JIFL. Dan says “Herding the boys together each week is still very enjoyable, and gives us all a change of scenery for a few hours each Saturday as we try to recapture former glories on the pitch!”

Prior to Jakarta Dan lived and worked in various places around the world, working in the shipping industry (Ben Line Agencies) gives great opportunity to travel. For the foreseeable future, Jakarta will be considered home for him and his family

Dan organises all the players and sponsors that have supported DOIT over the years. Come on DO IT !


Cyrille Ebongue – Cameroon

Cyrille is a former pro player.

He lives with his family in Jakarta and enjoys Indonesian cuisine, especially Sop Buntut.

Cyrille has been Captain of Cameroon for only a short time but is already the leading scorer (of both Cameroon and JIFL overall) during 2017/18 with 42 goals.

Cyrille says playing in JIFL is a great way to spend time with friends and make the most of Saturdays!


Phil Randall – La Vera Spartans

Phil is American and teaching at an International School in BSD.

He has lived in Jakarta for six years and experienced all the scenarios that Indonesia has to offer!

Whether it is climbing a mountain or eating some sort of meat or (unknown) dish, Phil is open to all that Indonesia has to offer.

In the coming months he will welcome his son to the world.

Phil is really happy to be a part of JIFL and hopes to be for many more years.


Laurent Panelli – FC Bugils

Laurent (Lolo) is a 35 year old French National, living in Asia for more than ten years.

Lolo joined FC Bugils six years ago and says it’s definitely the most fun team he has played for……. and it will be for sure the last team he will play for as long as he is in Jakarta (all the Captains say that – there seems to be more social than football in this league! – Ed.)

Lolo says Bugils combine Fun, football and Friendship! And is a family for many of the players.


Roberto Secci – FC Pippo Azzurri Jakarta

Ciao  – meet Roberto Secci (Italian, naturally) co-founder and captain of FC PIPPO AZZURRI JAKARTA, created and registered in the JIFL since 2016.

Having the opportunity to be a globetrotter from an early age, Robbi has been blessed to explore and live in several countries with their own unique benefits and challenges before deciding to reside permanently in Jakarta.

In the hustle bustle of J town, Azzuri team is created not only as a dedication for a group of people who loves playing football but to play a significant role of bringing friends, who are a long way from home, closer together.

Azzurri FC team gives an equal importance for both pre and after match quality time, where we enjoy post-match dinner and catch up at our beloved sponsor location at Pippo, Senayan City.

Azzurri welcome any nationalities to join the team.


Georg Winters – Global Expats Indonesia

A national of the Netherlands, Georg helps people secure their stay in Indonesia through ‘The Permit House’ and was amazed at the amount of questions regarding finding amateur football teams.

So Georg decided to both help navigate the bureaucracy of visas and the path to an amateur football team – thus Global Expats FC was born!

Global are sponsored by Titan Teknik and consists of 15 nationalities which we proudly roar before each match: ‘No matter from where, we unite… GLOBALS!’


Laurie Johnston – JIS

Laurie is Scottish and an Economics teacher by day, flying right winger by night. Captain of the JIS team which is made up of teachers, alumni, parents and various hangers-on.

JIS is a team that generally struggles at the start of the season, then get some students to aid the ageing legs and then improve.

Laurie has been playing/moaning at referees in Jakarta for six years after four years in Saigon.


There you go – nine (from thirteen) of the finest human beings you are ever likely to meet (so their teams tell me)

Just an example of the grief these guys put up with:

Team Group WhatsApp – “lads, we have a game at 4pm Saturday – who is in?”

The response is a variant of four “IN”, four “NO”, three “50/50” (what use is that FFS? – which 50 percent is “IN”? certainly not your brain), two “IF MY WIFE DOES NOT GO OUT”, three no replies and two “WHICH BAR DO WE MEET IN?” and two “MY BROTHER FELL OFF HIS MOTORCYCLE”……………..Don’t think Pep puts up with this from Aguero and De Bruyne et al.

So -a big vote of thanks from all JIFL players and Committee to these guys for their focus, dedication and sheer bloody mindedness in getting the teams on the field on expat football in Jakarta – it really is like herding cats.

As for the JIFL – Japan further consolidated their position at the top (and have only conceded nine goals in ten games!).

With Global Expats finding their mojo in recent weeks and Nomads continuing to chase – all the top three are looking strong.

But this season, the first time for many years, there truly are no easy games – and that is healthy for JIFL.

If you want to join a JIFL team – you can start by contacting any of the JIFL Committee at www., our Facebook page or directly – Phil on 0815 1302 5166, Roberto on 0858 8182 0828 or Laurent on 0811 1975 662.

See you on the pitch!


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