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Bali Highs – Down to Up in Ubud!

Tired of Working?  Wanting to Escape to Bali?
This article explores the underlying traps of these two thoughts
– and offers a new approach to avoid some common pitfalls.


In Bali, moving your body, through massage, practising yoga (which, you may know, was originally designed to harmonise the flow of your inner energy or ‘chi’) or undergoing Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, or Sound Healing which works directly on your energy field  – can help you release imbalances and misunderstood experiences and emotions that have left behind residual negativity causing blocks and stress in your life now.

Trap 1

‘I Feel Exhausted, Stuck In My Working ‘Real World’ & I Want To Escape’

Many people who come to see me are trapped in one part of themselves – the physical, working one – they are so tired, frustrated and stressed being stuck working all the time, and they want to escape!

I felt somewhat the same, ‘something missing’ and that’s why I left my fabulous job in London, as a consultant in computing, and came to Bali. However my healing practise here has led me to discover how patterns inside you generate everything that is happening in your life! There is no ‘escape’ – because you bring your inner pattern with you wherever you go.


I developed a way of getting this working, real character in you under control, encouraging it to befriend and understand other keys parts of you (like, the feeling one, the playful one, and the wise one) – they can all work together! (Nothing can or will harmonise in your real life, until your inner world harmonises)

Trap 2

‘Holier Than Thou’ Uber-Spiritual Person

(Trap 2 is almost ‘the flip side of Trap 1!’  Knowing this one can save you considerable expense and difficulty…)

I definitely fell into this trap! In Ubud, diving deeply into my yoga practice and teaching Kundalini when I arrived in Bali 15 years ago, I became a vegetarian and endeavoured to do only ‘good’ things. To my surprise, this did not make me happy, and I ended up losing almost everything I possessed.

I eventually understood that the high vibration of Ubud had accentuated the expression of my ‘Higher Self’ – the more spiritual part – but unfortunately that part, like in many other people I have since discovered, had a secret desire to escape the physical world and didn’t really like being here at all.

So it started to express that – by sub-consciously doing things to escape or divest myself of all physical things.

I was surprised to discover that the Higher Self can have negativity – but it does – lots of spiritual books suggest life is best ‘guided by the Higher Self’. Oh no! Not when it has a persecution complex due to past lifetimes as a nun, monk, beggar – and is uber-negative!  Better be guided by your heart – the voice of feeling and let the Higher Self give – hopefully – wise input.

Happily, I survived – just – and now I help others who are experiencing the same problem. Whether people come for an Eat Pray Love Soulmate Aura Reading, or a full session of The Reprogramming, I often guide them to reverse deep beliefs that cause them to want to exit, which can resolve feeling uncertainty, constantly needing guidance, being afraid of doing the wrong thing, lack of motivation, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Out of my ‘suffering’ – at last – came understanding and peace – my long healing Journey fortunately resulted in my happiness now, and also, in the fruit of my experience with my book ‘The Gift…of Harmony’ a new approach for harmonising and understanding yourself.  The Gift…of Harmony is also a deep Transformation Process you can undergo – which harmonises the four parts of you by Reprogramming their negativity and bringing them together – you are no longer driven only by work, can relax and play, understand, and enjoy happy relationships!

As you release and harmonise the negative vibrations – let go of the old negative thought patterns and balance 4 key parts of yourself – you attract more and more good in your life!

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