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Top Natural Hot Springs in Indonesia

Malanage hot spring (Source: Panas Bumi News)

The rain might have you unmotivated to venture outside, but dipping yourself in natural hot springs can lighten you up again.

Besides tranquil lakes and picturesque beaches, Indonesia has hot springs for those who doesn’t want to scream from dipping into cold waters. But please don’t bring any soaps and shampoos in order to preserve the sulphur and for you to rejoice its goodness. Here are the top five natural hot springs across Indonesia for you to visit during this wet season:

Ciater Natural Hot Spring (Source:

1. Ciater Natural Hot Spring, West Java
Relish in a good soak whilst surrounded by mountain ranges and crisp fresh air at Ciater Natural Hot Spring. The spring water originates from Tangkuban Perahu, situated between Bandung and Subang. Those suffering from skin ailments or even rheumatism are in luck, because this 43-46 degrees Celsius sulphuric pool is known to possess healing properties.
Price: Rp14,000 and Rp20,000-50,000 to enter the pool area, Rp80,000 for the exclusive pool area.

Banjar hot spring (Source: Kintamani)

2. Banjar Hot Spring, Bali
Bali has a lot of hot springs to visit, but Banjar is the most sacred one due to its possibly healing and cleansing powers, such as curing skin diseases, clearing your pores, and soothing any tense muscles. Stone-carved dragons release water from their mouths into three different pools in the middle of the jungle. You can also get massages here!
Price: Rp20,000 for adults and Rp10,000 for children. Massages are Rp75,000 per hour.

Angseri hot spring (Source: Bali Media Info)

3. Angseri Hot Spring, Bali
Mount Batukaru’s magma heats this natural hot spring in Tabanan. This one is a particular gem; it’s hidden in a valley surrounded by many green tropical plants, where you’ll have to climb through a hundred stairs to eventually see this green pool of 35 degrees Celsius sulphur water.
Price: starts from Rp10,000 per person.

Malanage hot spring (Source: Panas Bumi News)

4. Malanage Hot Spring, East Nusa Tenggara
Locally known as Wae Bana Malanage, this 96 degrees Celsius hot spring is actually intertwined with the cold water of the Wae Roa waterfall. Therefore, you can choose to not only soak in hot water, but you can also opt for warm or cold baths.
Price: Rp15,000 per person.

Aek Rangat Pangururan (Source: Jendela Dunia 16)

5. Aek Rangat Pangururan, North Sumatra
In Rianiate Village, Samosir Island, there lies this warm and refreshing sulphur water coming from the mountain. Here, you’ll be able to choose from several ponds, each with distinctive temperatures. Men and women bathe separately; meanwhile children can enjoy a pond where the water is shallower. Be sure to ask around which pond best suites your desires.
Price: Rp10,000 per person.

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