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The 1920s Way to Drinking Sexually


When a friend asks you to meet in the SCBD area, how do you determine the meeting point? There are bars, lounges, restaurants, and even fitness centres – clearly, too many to choose from.

Simplicity is something millennials are striving for in this new day and age. This has slowly impacted on those belonging to the generation before millennials. Perhaps it’s because of the craziness that stumbles out of nowhere and into our daily lives? This, personally, is a major factor.

Living in Indonesia creates this habit of having a strong curiosity; eager to discover the latest and hottest spots to visit throughout the country. In Jakarta, you can see various upcoming spaces rumoured to be the new “it place.” Technically, if this new “it place” gathers mouth-watering food and (possibly) booze together, it will be swarmed by the masses of this stressed-out city. But there has got to be something unique and simple…

Take Lbrty in this case. Pronounced as Li-ber-ty, like the Statue of Liberty in New York, this is one of Jakarta’s many up-and-coming “it places,” specially catering for cocktail enthusiasts. Cocktail drinking is usually associated with women because of the cocktails’ sweet flavours and cute decorations. But no, this is not a bar specifically for women. Instead, Lbrty is the kind of bar for anyone to explore their palettes. Lbrty’s cocktail menu offers two types: Skinny Cocktails that are relatively light and sweeter, and Legacy Cocktails that feature classic concoctions as well as the bar’s signature, stronger drinks made with high-level craftsmanship and meticulous recipes. You are bound to notice different characteristics between the cocktails available in other bars and lounges in the city.

Lychee Matcha from LBRTY

Situated in the SCBD area, a new entertainment hub called Elysee will be the new hotspot of bars, clubs, and restaurants in Jakarta. Elysee isn’t entirely prepared at the moment. Just head up to the second floor towards the outer area of the property and you’ll find a massive, dark glass door accentuated with grey and gold.

Entering Lbrty is like travelling back in time; the design of the sofas, tables, open cupboards filled with booze, and yellow lighting used are inspired by art deco, reminiscent of the 1920s. The distinguishing features of the 1920s are simplicity with clean shapes, and often with a streamlined look of geometric ornaments that are robustly shaped and unusually varied; think of the Great Gatsby movie when Daisy Buchanen walks into Jay Gatsby’s party at his lavish mansion.

Blending touches of modernity in the decor is the creative use of the colour palette. Then, add in a tranquil sensation as your favourite songs, for example, “Gold Digger” by Kanye West, get remixed into relaxing, eclectic jazz tunes. Lbrty absolutely brings a different atmosphere – making it all the more Instagrammable!


In line with the urban communities’ life being unquestionably lively and invigorating during the 1920s, anyone who’s strong-willed and strives for comfort will be more than welcome at Lbrty. Because of this unique concept, customers are urged to throw parties, especially themed ones, with dress codes. It’s extremely well suited to throwing your own Gatsby themed party here; you just need to look the part. The team at Lbrty can arrange catering, a DJ, and even performers to liven up your gathering – similar to Gatsby’s party that included dancers entertaining his guests!

There are too many highly recommended cocktails to choose from, said Lbrty’s director of marketing, Hartoyo. You can go basic by ordering classic cocktails such as an Expresso Martini. But whilst you’re here, you really should decide to go adventurous; “Let’s try the Truffle, Lychee Matcha, PMT, Waterpanda, and Cocolongan.” I took a few sips of these cocktails, which pretty much tasted very refreshing. Most of them were sweet, except for the PMT and Cocolongan, yet one thing that’s certain is the balanced consistency of the alcoholic base spirits along with the flavourful fruity elements.

Lbrty isn’t hindered by a fixed set of cocktails on their menu – you can make your own! Customers are literally served anything that their mood fancies. Simply tell one of the gregarious bartenders whether you’d like something sweet, sour, tangy, or strong, then choose your base spirit (vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, etc). The bartender will whip up a drink according to your personal preferences, so be clear with what you want. In addition, Lbrty offers locally produced gin and vodka from the brand Kaja for those of you curious to try local tastes.

Truffle Cocktail from LBRTY bar

Any bars, in spite of their concepts, usually provide comforting snacks and even heavy meals, depending on the time of the day. Lbrty only serves skewers. There are 12 types of skewers from all around the globe that are unique and exotic on their own, ranging from various types of meat. You can devour a skewer from the Caribbean in one mouthful, then head over to the Mediterranean, then across to Southeast Asia. But why are only skewers accessible? Skewers are simple and easy to eat, hence complementing the cocktails as the main attraction. You wouldn’t want to aggressively take a bite on a steak during your meetings, would you?

International Skewers from LBRTY bar

Head mixologist at Lbrty, Richard Charles said, “Educating people on the art of cocktail making is not enough, since it isn’t the Indonesian culture. But I believe with constant evolution, people will become hungrier to know something new.”

Expect to not break your bank balance here as drinks are normally Rp110,000 nett, whereas customised drinks are worth Rp120,000 nett. Don’t be looking for buy-one-get-one promo packages. Uniquely, you can order a cocktail to go starting from March 2020! It will be packaged in a bottle that serves from four to five glasses, making it cheaper than purchasing by the glass. Meanwhile, Lbrty has set out three days of the week with special events: join the Vanity Affair on Wednesdays, Swing Out Loud on Fridays or stop by for the Weekend Weekender to end a long week.


Sunday-Saturday: 11am to 2am

Address: Elysee Lot 21 SCBD, 2nd Floor, Senayan, South Jakarta

Book your table to +628111524005 and follow Instagram @lbrtyjkt for updates.

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