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Russian Instagrammer Dies in Bali Bike Crash

Russian Instagramme Dies in Bali Bike Crash

A popular Russian influencer has tragically died in a motorbike accident in Bali. Anastasia Tropitsel, 18, an influencer who became a millionaire at 15, lost control of the vehicle.

Anastasia was travelling on the bike alongside her boyfriend, Viktor Maydanovich, 30, when he said she began to lose control while travelling at more than 90 km/h. She collided with the center road divider.    Video footage shows her last moments, where she filmed herself through the motorbike’s mirrors and views of the surrounding beach.

Anastasia had been a blogger since the age of 12 and had an Instagram following of 1.2 million people. She claimed to have “become a millionaire at the age of 15” from her successful internet presence, inspiring many young people through her account, @nastyatropi

Anastasia Tropitsel – whose real name is Anastasia Zubrina – reportedly had a dispute with her father who warned her that her online success story could turn into a disaster. Regardless, she came to Bali to increase his Instagram presence and remained in the island after the lockdown came and borders closed as part of the fight against COVID-19.

Responding to the death of his girlfriend, Viktor Maydanovich from Ukraine, posted:

“The girl I love is no longer with us. Please, friends, say goodbye to her with good minds and meditation. This is very important,”

he posted on Anastasia’s Instagram account.

Source: OborSultra

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