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Prabowo Claims to Win Presidential Election by 52 per cent

Prabowo Subianto

Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto has disputed the quick count results released by independent pollsters, showing that his rival, Joko Widodo has won today’s presidential election.

In a press conference outside of his home in South Jakarta, Prabowo claimed that his campaign team’s quick count and exit polls at 5,000 stations have revealed that he had won by about 52 to 54 per cent of the total votes.

“There have been attempts from pollsters and surveys that we know of, co-operating with one side, to steer public opinion as if we have lost. My fellow countrymen, we must not be provoked,” Prabowo said.

Meanwhile, incumbent Joko Widodo, who has reportedly won a second term, did not acknowledge his victory. In a small cinema in Central Jakarta, Jokowi thanked his supporters and the Indonesian people, but urged them to wait for the official results from the General Election Committee (KPU). According to five independent polling organisations, Jokowi has managed to win 55 per cent of the total votes, while Prabowo only garnered 45 per cent.

In 2014, Prabowo also lost the presidential election to Jokowi, by 53 per cent to 46 per cent. He tried challenging the election result before the case got thrown out by the constitutional court.

Source: South China Morning Post
Image: Bloomberg

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