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Normal Fares for MRT to Apply from 13th May

MRT Jakarta
The MRT will charge the full fare to all passengers starting from 13th May.

Operation and Maintenance Director of PT. MRT Jakarta, Muhammad Effendi, has stated that the MRT will charge the full fare to all passengers starting from 13th May.

“Starting from 13th May, we will charge the normal fare. We have been disseminating the information since we extended the discount period that should have ended on April 30,” he advised.

Starting from 13th May, the lowest fare will be Rp 3,000 between two stations. A trip from one end of the MRT line to the other, or from Bundaran HI Station to Lebak Bulus, will cost Rp 14,000.

From 2 – 28th April, the MRT has received favourable reviews from the people of Jakarta. The lowest usage recorded was on 4th April with 62,352 passengers, while 13th April saw the highest amount of passengers with 116,074 people travelling on board. On average, 82,625 passengers have been travelling by MRT each day in Jakarta since its launch on 1st April.

Effendi has expressed a desire for the MRT to integrate with the other means of transport in the city, such as TransJakarta, the Commuter Line Train (KRL), and other private companies to prevent the MRT from losing passengers once the discounted period ends.

Initially, MRT Jakarta’s president William Sabandar stated that the MRT will see about 39 per cent drop in passengers once normal fares apply.

Source: Kompas
Image: WartaKota

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