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Motorist Draws a Knife on Police in Mask Violation

Police Attacked with Knife

Police in Jakarta spotted a motorist who wasn’t wearing a mask and pulled him over, leading the driver to draw a knife and threaten a police officer. Other police officers and Department of Transportation officials approached the car, where one of the police officers took the motorist out of the vehicle, while another officer tried to secure the knife.

“You are arrogant. What do you mean by doing this? Do you think that I’m afraid of you?” said the police officer while having the knife drawn on him.

Subdistrict Head of Kebayoran Lama, Aroman, said that the incident occurred around a checkpoint within the Pasar Jumat area of South Jakarta. At the time, police officers and the Department of Transportation were monitoring the traffic flow in relation to large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

“The minibus driver, initial M, was pulled over when he was seen not wearing a mask, he then rebuked the officers, and even said it was up to him if he wanted to wear one or not. Then he was taken,” Aroman confirmed.

According to Aroman, the police interrogated M and he claimed that the vehicle he drove was escorting an ATM cash car. “He apologised and admitted he was wrong. In his confession, he stated he is a retiree from Indonesian National Armed Forces,” Aroman added.

Police soon released the man whilst his knife was confiscated.

Source: Liputan 6

Image: Panrita News

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