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LRT Jabodebek to Open Trial for Customers Only for Rp1

LRT Jabodebek
LRT Jabodebek to Open Trial for Customers Only for Rp1. Image Source:

LRT (Light Rail Transit) Jabodebek is set to open registration for a trial or soft launch on 10th July 2023, with a fare of Rp1.

The trial will be conducted from 12th July to 15th August 2023.

Kuswardoyo, the LRT Public Relations Manager, stated that the registration site would be announced on the LRT Jabodebek social media account.

“Regarding the planned soft launch on 12th July, we will provide a registration link on social media on 10th July. During the trial, we will test all systems as they will operate,” he said at the PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) head office in Bandung on Wednesday, 7th June 2023.

He added that the initial trial would be free of charge. However, due to issues with the electronic payment system, a fee of Rp1 will be charged. Kuswardoyo mentioned that there are no specific requirements for those who wish to participate in the trial, and all applicants will be accommodated.

“Later on, everyone can take part in the trial. We will do our best to accommodate all registered participants. We anticipate a high number of applicants, possibly more than we can handle in a month. We aim to ensure that those who register first will have the opportunity to participate in the trial,” he said.

The LRT Jabodebek is scheduled to officially launch to the public on 17th August 2023. There are 18 stations that will be served by the LRT Jabodebek, strategically located from residential to business areas.

Here is the list of LRT Jabodebek stations:

  1. Dukuh Atas Station
  2. Setiabudi Station
  3. Rasuna Said Station
  4. Brass Station
  5. Pancoran Station
  6. Cikoko Station
  7. Ciliwung Station
  8. Cawang Station (Interchange Station)
  9. TMII Station
  10. Kampung Rambutan Station
  11. Ciracas Station
  12. Harjamukti Station
  13. Halim Station
  14. Jatibening Baru Station
  15. Cikunir I Station
  16. Cikunir II Station
  17. West Bekasi Station
  18. Jatimulya Station

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