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Jokowi Officially Opens Yogyakarta International Airport

Jokowi Officially Opens Yogyakarta International Airport

President Joko Widodo has inaugurated Yogyakarta International Airport, code YIA, Airport on Friday 28th August 2020.

The new airport has a runway of 3,250 metres which is 1,050 metres longer than the runway at Adisutjipto Airport. The new airport is projected to further boost the tourism sector in Yogyakarta and its surrounding areas.

President Joko Widodo said the construction of Yogyakarta International Airport was relatively fast, taking only 20 months. Although current conditions at YIA are still quiet, President Jokowi is optimistic that when the COVID-19 vaccination programme starts, YIA will become the busiest airport in Indonesia.

Head of the DI Yogyakarta Tourism Office, Singgih Rahardjo said that the completion of YIA has made tourists around the world more excited to visit Yogyakarta. “Because access is easier and better supported,” said Singgih.

Airports have several important functions, namely facilitating accessibility and supporting the carrying capacity of infrastructure around the area, such as toll roads and attractions. One of the advantages of YIA is that it can be used to land large aircraft such as the Airbus 380 and Boeing 777.

Foreign tourists who want to go to Yogyakarta do not need to transit anymore, but can directly arrive in Yogyakarta. “At least all ASEAN countries can get direct flights to Yogyakarta via YIA,” said Singgih. For example, tourists visiting from Thailand can now go directly to Yogyakarta via YIA.

Singgih gave the example of tourists who depart from Perth or Melbourne in Australia transiting through Yogyakarta Airport, then to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“This route makes Yogyakarta International Airport a transit point and can build a new tourism market,” said Singgih.

The Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, said that the operation of YIA provides opportunities for economic growth and community welfare. The Sultan hopes that all parties maintain the airport, which is equipped with a Tsunami Early Warning System.

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