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Orangutan in East Kalimantan Almost Hit by Car 

Orangutan in East Kalimantan Almost Hit by Car  - source Twitter screenshot.

An adult orangutan in the Bengalon District, East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan tried to cross the highway and was almost hit by a car.

The East Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) has asked motorists to give way to orangutans crossing the road.

In a viral video uploaded on social media, an orangutan can be seen crossing the highway.  The orangutan also stopped in the middle of the road, but an impatient car was seen passing by the primate.

 “The video happened in East Kalimantan, precisely in the Bengalon sub-district leading to Berau. Yet we can’t confirm when it happened,” explained the local BKSDA PEH Headl Winoto when asked for confirmation on Wednesday 17th November. 

Winoto said that he regretted that there was a driver in the viral video who was desperate to get down the road when the orangutan was crossing.

“Drivers should be patient and let the orangutans pass first. In this case, it’s dangerous for the orangutans,” he explained.

Incidents of orangutans crossing the highway in the area often occur because it’s near their habitats. Despite receiving this information, he explained that his team could not immediately follow up on the video from the driver that had been spread on social media.

“If it is only information in the form of videos on social media, we cannot follow up unless there are reports from related parties and the local community,” he said.

Winoto went on to say that he hopes that people who pass by can give way to the orangutans and do not approach them or offer food. It is feared that this could make the orangutans get used to asking drivers for food.

“The community can help lead them back to the forest area, not feed them, and must keep their distance,” he concluded.

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