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How to Make an International Driver’s License in Bali, Indonesia

international driver's license Bali
How to Make an International Driver's License in Indonesia. Image Source:

The Indonesian National Police has the authority to issue international driver’s licenses that are valid in the 92 countries that ratified the 1968 Vienna Convention. 

A few of the countries that are part of the convention include France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Romania, Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Finland.

International driver’s license applicants in Bali, Indonesia can be Indonesian or foreign citizens. Below are the methods, conditions, and costs. 


Regulations for making an international driver’s license in Indonesia are contained in the Chief of Police regulation number 9 of 2012, article 7, which reads:

  1. Administrative requirements for applying for a new driver’s license, as referred to in Article 26 letter a, for driving an individual vehicle include filling out the driver’s license application form and local native identity card that is still valid for foreign citizens.
  2. Immigration documents, as referred to in paragraph (1) letter b, are in the form of:
  • Passport and Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP) for those who are permanently domiciled in Indonesia;
  • Passports, diplomatic visas, diplomatic membership cards, and other identification for those who are embassy staff or family;
  • Passport and service visa or Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS) for those who work as experts or students studying in Indonesia;
  • Passport and visit or stopover permit card for those who are not domiciled in Indonesia. 


The cost of obtaining an international driver’s license in Bali is Rp250,000 and the extension fee is Rp225,000. It has been stipulated in government regulation number 60 of 2016 concerning types and tariffs for types of non-tax state revenue.  


Applications can be done online through the site  The site provides information about the requirements for registrations.


Quoted from the official website of the Traffic Corps of Indonesian National Police, KITAS holders are not allowed to apply for an international driving permit (SIM). It’s only for KITAP holders.

The validity period for an international driving permit is three years. To apply for an International driver’s permit, several requirements must be met, namely:

  • National ID
  • Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP) for Foreign Citizens
  • Valid passport
  • A valid driving permit according to the international driver’s permit category will be submitted
  • Recent self-portraits with certain conditions, such as wearing a shirt with buttons, a white background, not using glasses or contact lenses, and face facing the camera
  • The signature is written on white paper using black ink
  • If an international driving permit is to be extended, a valid international driver’s permit must also be included

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