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Homes Damages, Residents Evacuated in Sukabumi Earthquake

A earthquake measuring 4.9 in the Richter scale has shaken Sukabumi, at 17.18 WIB on 11th March. So far, there are reports of 280 houses and one school collapsing and around 314 citizens have been evacuated.

Six sub-districts are affected, namely Kabandungan, Kalapanunggal, Cidahu, Ciambar, Parakansalak, and Cikidang.

According to Head of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management in Sukabumi (BPBD), Iyos Somantri, Kalapanunggal and Kabandungan have taken then worst impact. “The worst damage is in Kalapanunggal and Kabandungan. To date, 280 houses have been damaged, not classified as moderate or minor. In Kabandungan 111 families with 314 refugees are displaced, in Parakansalak 11 houses and Cidahu 2 houses” said Iyos.

Tents for evacuees have already been set up, with additional tents, including for school, ready to replace buildings that collapsed during the earthquake. “There are two local classes from one elementary school that collapsed in Kabandungan District, we are trying to make a temporary study place. For the fatalities, there are only 3 reports of injured people and their condition has improved,” said Iyos.

Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management is making sure that all victims are getting their basic needs met during this evacuation time.

Source: Detik

Image: Detik

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