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How Can Procrastination Help You Write an Essay Paper?

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In the modern day, when you hear the word procrastination, you see people making faces, especially after the popularity of motivational books and speakers.

Moreover, with all hustle culture becoming the norm of the day, people have stopped taking breaks and relax to see what they have.

Therefore, procrastinating is good, and hanging out with your homies is relaxing. It keeps you safe from anxiety and stress and enables you to manage time properly. Even Bill Gates likes lazy people, as they can find innovative ways to resolve problems.

Similarly, it is applicable when you are writing an essay paper. All you need to do is use your creativity, write perfect essays, and submit them on time. The only hard work you must do is listen carefully to the class.

Benefits Of Procrastinating

Every day you open YouTube, you see people talking about how procrastinating is unhealthy and affects productivity. Well, watching their videos comes under the bracket, and yet they earn so much from YouTube. So, obviously, there are some better benefits to procrastinating.

Here are a few of them, as stated by IvoryResearch –

Enhances Creativity

One of the things that procrastination does is it enhances your creativity. One of the traits of a lazy person is that they will use their brain more than their body. They will think, think, and simply outsmart everyone in the room.

Therefore, with your outclass, your hard work, creativity, and maximum advantage of his grey matter, you will be the best student in the class. You have examples like Riquelme, Podolski, and Tevez from football. Even George Akerlof won a Nobel prize just for procrastination and applied it in behavioural economics.

Time Management

Most people spend years not actually understanding time management and how to use it effectively. For that, you can conduct a meeting with a procrastinator, and they will teach you the stuff. They will watch Netflix or read a book all day and yet complete all of their tasks.

People who procrastinate are like Shikamaru from Naruto, who thinks everything is a drag and finds the best possible solution to solve it quickly. Rather than getting all worked up, they will assess their time and accordingly complete everything. Hence, they can balance their personal and academic life.

Manages Mental Health Issues 

Another benefit of procrastinating is that it will help you to manage your mental health issues. Here are a few reasons why –

Being lazy means you are never too stressed about pending work and know how you can complete it.

You are smart never to burn out because you never push your limits because you can do it within the given time.

That way, you become time, and the tides stop when you have to complete work and chill. Hence, you never too fade to see yourself crumbling into the deep epitome of despair and denial. Consequently, being a procrastinator is too bad.

Focus on Bigger Issues 

When you are lazy, all you do is think, think, think, and even when you are eating and sleeping, you just think. Hence, you can pry up some bigger issues from the hippocampus and start to dissect it. The more you dissect it, the better answers you can find to the issues and relevant solutions to solve them.

It is a good thing for teenagers, as it helps them to assess their skills and work on them. Moreover, it will help you to find great topics to write essays or make a new innovation for your science product. Therefore, even when people say you are lazy, just tell them you are in a high-functioning mode.

Get Promotions at Job 

Most lazy people are clever. They know just how much work will help them get the work done and have a profound effect on the company’s revenue. That leads them to get a promotion without actually doing anything.

Rather than taking too many breaks, you can work your shift hours and be more productive than others. Eventually, this will help you achieve greater success in the company. Your promotions won’t be as dry as others; they will come with many perks.

Better Emotional Intelligence 

Another benefit of being a procrastinator is that you are never too angry to yell at others or have emotional outbursts. This is because lazy people spend most of their time on OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime, watching shows like Mad Men, The Good Wife, and The West Wing. These series help people become more empathetic and realize the different shades of human behavior.

A study by the University of Oklahoma showed that people who watch these series have better EQ. They know how to interact and what words to use while talking to others. Therefore, if you are lazy, don’t be sad about it. You are just too good for others to handle.

Focus on Long Term Goals

Another thing that is great about being a procrastinator is they have proper long-term goals. Being a procrastinator can give you as many possibilities as possible, like a chess player, and make a move accordingly and make a right and safe move. That way, you can always edge ahead of others.

You can take a rest, think about your goals and plans, and arrange them in the right way to make it far better. When you are busy, you can’t concentrate on those things and figure out ways. So, it is better to do nothing than to waste everything.

The Art of Doing Nothing

In the end, it is the art of doing nothing that will take you far in life and help you to have a better life. A life where decisions are not hasty, there are no mental health issues, and no possibilities of burnout. Simply put, you can move your way up to become a successful professional and write brilliant essays.

You will have the liberty to think, think, double think, and triple think to find the best words and ideas to write essays and succeed in them. Hence, it is not bad to be a procrastinator when you know how to get your job done.

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