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Developing Students? Passion through Co-Curricular Activities at Raffles Christian School

Raffles Christian School
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The objectives of Education cannot be accomplished by academics alone.  At Raffles Christian School – Kelapa Gading various aspects such as physical, intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural, aesthetics and spiritual activities are inculcated in the curriculum to promote the holistic growth and personality development of the learners.

Co-curricular activities (CCA) are essential part in all stages of education.  Activities for literacy, physical development, civic development, leisure time and social welfare are integral parts of the educational program for they provide avenues for developing leadership skills, social skills, confidence, artistic skills, responsibility, unity, cooperation, and a lot more.  These activities are organized after school hours with the following objectives:

  1. Provide opportunities for students to venture into non-academic field of interests for holistic growth;
  2. Enhance many skill developments while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world;
  3. Give the students a venue to express and generate ideas freely, promote leadership quality and excel in their fields of interests;
  4. Develop the personality of the students and the spirit of healthy competition;
  5. Foster social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school and community;
Develop the personality of the students

Our CCA moderators are teachers, who have personal or professional competencies aside from the subjects that they teach. We also partner companies or institutions that offer different activities that add value to the growth and development of your child. CCA at Raffles Kelapa Gading are held twice a week and students are given the opportunity to join CCAs that will nurture their interest in sports, the visual and performing arts and academic Club which extend their knowledge and skills that they learned in class via CCA’s.

Types of Co-curricular activities offered at Raffles Christian School

SportsVisual Arts & Performing ArtsAcademics
BasketballPhotographySTEM Club
FutsalVideo EditingRobotics Club
BadmintonArt ClubHuman Calculator Club
Table TennisDrawing ClubEntrepreneurship Club
TaekwondoTheatre Arts ClubCoding Club
WushuChoraleDebate Club
Muay ThaiBandChess
KarateCulinary Arts Club
Chinese Cultural Club
Indonesian Cultural Club

To showcase one of our CCA, the photography club will hold a Photography Exhibition at Mall Kelapa Gading on March 20- 24, 2019. Students in the CCA Photography were trained in school by a professional photographer for 1 semester (July – Nov) and are able to produce an output which are the photographs that they have taken when they travel during the school holiday in Indonesia and abroad. These photographs will be on sale as part of the fundraising campaign in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity – Indonesia.

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