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BIS Career Day 2023 – Where Do We Go from Here?

Bali Island School Career Day 2023
BIS Career Day 2023 - Where Do We Go from Here?

Bali Island School Students answer the most fundamental question on its annual Career Day on 16th February 2023.

Bali Island School held its annual Career Day on 16th February 2023. The Keynote Speaker Kevin Girard spearheaded the day with his vision addressing our job-hopping Generation Z students on the importance of developing skills that are fit for purpose in the 21st century. Several industry career panels with Q&A sessions for BIS secondary students followed the Career Day itinerary.

“Today, career changes occur frequently. BIS is aware of that and must emphasise the importance of skills acquisition next to content knowledge, which aligns perfectly with IB philosophy. On BIS Career Day, we had speakers from the hospitality, medical, engineering, finance, law, and IT industries, to name a few, to help our Grade 6-12 students explore their potential future options.

We are lucky to have a supportive parent community willing to share their knowledge and expertise to help our young Dragons prosper,“ said Mike Miller, the Head of School.

BIS Career Day Event
BIS Career Day Event

Other than Hospitality, the two 45-minute long panel sessions also discussed careers that covered; Sustainability/Environmental, Information Technology, Arts and Design, Communications/Journalism, Economics/Business, Medical, and Law/Diplomacy.

The BIS Campus was filled with the energy of enthusiastic high calibre speakers Tantowi Yahya – Former Ambassador of Indonesia to New Zealand, Dominic Bryant – Conservation Scientist, and Dr Ida Ayu Oka Purnamawati – Founder and managing director of Bali Royal Hospital to name a few.

Throughout the panel sessions, two consistent messages feel relevant in all the different disciplines:

First, wherever your purpose is phoning you, remember to leave a legacy by developing people. It is the key to keeping a business sustainable in this ever-changing world.

Second, on your career path, open your mind to learn other skills. It is no longer the survival of the fittest but yet of the most adaptable.

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