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Rentaved Founder Ruslan Sukhiy on Investing in Bali Real Estate and the Impact of the New Local Community Centre

Rentaved Real Estate
Rentaved Founder Ruslan Sukhiy on Investing in Bali Real Estate and the Impact of the New Local Community Centre

Did you know that Bali can become the new real estate investment paradise?

Residential real estate in Indonesia is expected to grow with a CAGR of 10% in the next five years, making it one of the strongest local markets in the region.

More and more foreigners are coming to Indonesia and Bali is their destination of choice. Great climate, affordable prices, excellent conditions for digital nomads and entrepreneurs – you name it.

On top of that, various business and social initiatives foster community building and networking to bring people together. Investment and development company Rentaved decided to go the extra mile and open the first multi-purpose community centre in Bali to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. Rentaved’s founder Ruslan Sukhiy shares his view of how the project will change Bali as a place to live, invest, and do business.

Globalizing Bali

One of the key tendencies in the Bali real estate market for the past several years is the growing diversity of new residents. Buyers and investors come from the US and Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, China, and post-Soviet countries. It makes Bali a true melting pot and proves that the region can cater to very different demands when it comes to standards of living. Add to that a fantastic business climate and it’s the perfect recipe for a top relocation spot. People enjoy lower taxes, multiple growing economic sectors, and a supportive local government.

Ruslan Sukhiy, the founder and key strategic leader of Rentaved, – a global player in the real estate investment market – underlines that investors in Bali are a truly diverse bunch:

People are literally coming here from all over the world now. I think many of the newcomers see Bali as a paradise, and theres every reason to do so. As a company that strives to revolutionize investment in real estate, we spotted the tendency for increased diversity early on and committed to helping international buyers and investors score the best deals in Bali,” comments Ruslan.

Is Bali the New Black in the Real Estate Market? 

Many wonders what makes Bali so attractive for real estate buyers and investors. The truth is, the reasons keep piling up as the region continues to transform economically, socially, and culturally. The tourism industry alone has made an impressive comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the island took a serious hit over the two Corona-years, the post-pandemic tourist flow has recovered by 50% and there is a lot of room for further growth. Of course, this tendency has had a positive impact on the real estate market: the demand for rental properties and real estate purchases is steadily growing. The value of the land for development has been climbing as well.

The growth is really explosive no matter what aspect of the market you focus on. Local villas and hotels are typically 75-80% booked throughout the year. In the most popular areas such as Changu, Bukit, and Ubud, property and accommodation booking rates can reach as high as 90%. People even sign up on waiting lists to get their chance to rent a property there.

Ruslan also encourages potential buyers and investors to consider Sanur – a small town with great real estate prospects thanks to various infrastructure improvements. Sanur’s signature sight is a beautiful marina accommodating all types of yachts. It neighbours a pedestrian zone along the sea and offers a pleasant long promenade – an exceptional infrastructure project for Bali. Shopping aficionados will soon be able to enjoy a large shopping mall that’s now in development. On top of that, the local authorities have invested in building a modern medical centre to develop medical tourism in Sanur. Several five-star hotels are already operating here, and a big residential complex on the beachfront is on the way, promising to become the new local real estate gem.

A Community Centre to Bring Bali Entrepreneurs and Investors Together
Rentaved Community Centre
Rentaved Community Centre

While Rentaved focuses on facilitating investment projects and sourcing investment opportunities for its clients, the company decided to go above and beyond with its new initiative in Bali. With years of operational experience in developer projects under their belt, the Rentaved team has realized an ambitious project – a community centre whose mission is to provide a territory for effective networking and collaboration for Bali residents.

We entered the Bali market with a very specific project in mind. We wanted to encourage people to communicate, start joint initiatives, launch projects, and simply socialize in a comfortable space. It would be a powerhouse for the local economy and culture – at least that was our vision when we first started conceptualizing the project.”

This idea is now embodied in our multifunctional community centre on the Bukit Peninsula. It spans an area of 4500 sqm and has a service apartment hotel for visitors. Ruslan Sukhiy is proud to say that this is the first community centre in Bali for entrepreneurs from all over the world. It offers people an opportunity to get to know each other, find new partners, pitch their business ideas, and work in a comfortable co-working space. Rentaved is also planning to open a centre for the traditional crafts of Bali to help Balinese people find business partners from around the world. The company will enrich the community centre area with additional infrastructure including a 90-room apartment hotel, a kindergarten, and various restaurants representing the cuisines of different countries.

Rentaved is hoping to develop similar community centres across Indonesia. The company is committed to fostering the growth of common safe and comfortable spaces where entrepreneurs from all over the world can work and relax together.

Becoming Part of the Rentaved Investor Community 

This year, Rentaved has opened its own real estate agency in Bali to help investors make safe and profitable investments and navigate the local real estate market. More and more active construction and development projects are popping up on the island, but it may be challenging to find quality facilities and reliable developers as only a handful of projects meet all the international quality standards.

What makes Rentaved unique is its democratizing philosophy. Our company sources its project funds from collective investments and allows people with a limited budget to participate in a development project and raise their capital. We want to give more people an opportunity to enter the realm of real estate investing,” says Ruslan.

Today, the rate of property value growth from the start of construction to completion stands at 30-40%, and it usually takes 1.5-2 years to complete a project. If the owner decides against selling the property upon construction and opts for renting it out, the annual yield from the lease can reach 15%. Rentaved experts are open to helping potential investors discuss all the details of prospective deals and guiding them through the process of choosing the best properties.

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