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Indonesia’s Tallest Skyscraper Autograph Tower Almost Completed

Autograph Tower
autograph building. source

The tallest skyscraper in Indonesia, named Autograph Tower, reaching 382.9 metres will soon be completed. 

Constructed by PT Putragaya Wahana, the Autograph Tower is located in the Thamrin Nine area, Central Jakarta. The Thamrin route organised by the Jakarta Good Guide aims to see the splendor and at the same time know the history behind the various buildings.

A tour guide named Farid explained that, in the future, the two tallest towers in Indonesia will be right next to each other.

Beside the supertall Autograph Tower, on the right will be the Luminary Tower, a little shorter, only about 20-30 metres different,” explained Farid.

Although the construction progress reached 95 percent since October 2021, the building is not yet fully completed and isn’t yet ready for use. So far, only the top has been finished with no additions needed.

Upon completion, the Autograph Tower will function as offices, the luxury Waldorf Astoria hotel, apartments, international schools, observation decks, and sky gardens.

The physical construction work carried out by PT Acset Indonusa Tbk uses the best quality, imported materials. Not only that, Autograph Tower has received a platinum certificate from the BCA Green Mark because it is considered to prioritise various environmentally friendly features.

Thus, it is not only good for the environment but also brings optimal efficiency for its users. These environmentally friendly features, such as green open areas, vertical gardens, water and waste treatment, bicycle parking, and special architectural designs and features are there to maintain internal temperature and save energy.

The tallest building in the southern hemisphere

According to the Director of PT Putragaya Wahana Nevins Lie, the Autograph Tower is also the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. It is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year. 

The presence of the Autograph Tower will officially take the title from the Gama Tower in Kuningan which was previously the tallest building in Indonesia.

“Why didn’t we have tall buildings in the past because old government regulations didn’t allow it. Even in the area around Monas, there were no buildings taller than the monument. The height of the monument is only about 132 metres. However, in the end, this regulation was revised so that now, many tall buildings and skyscrapers are found in the city of Jakarta. The Autograph Tower could be a source of pride for the people of Indonesia, ” explained Farid.

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