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How You Can Use The End Screen To Make Your YouTube Videos Better?

How You Can Use The End Screen To Make Your YouTube Videos Better?

YouTube has turned out to be a great source of income and fame at the same time.

According to a recent survey, it was determined that there’s a drastic transition of the audience that is going to come. Which is now clearly visible as the presence of the audience on the platform is huge. Experts have also anticipated that this is just going to increase in the coming future.

But if you think that having a YouTube presence is enough, then think twice. With so many other features the platform has launched, the “YouTube end screen” feature where one can keep all their potential and the existing audience engaged was a major break-through. Like the YouTube Video Editor which helps in editing the videos easily. The end screen feature helps in keeping your viewers engaged. Want to know how? In this blog, we are going to discuss this feature in-depth.

What exactly is the YouTube end screen?

YouTube end screen is a clickable box that leads the viewer to the next step. This box is available at the end of the video you are streaming. When a viewer reaches the end of the video, the end screen appears on the side of the screen. If and when the viewer clicks on the screen, the thumbnail expands and gives out the complete information. Information like watch the next video, check my other channel, subscribe to my channel and other things. YouTube has integrated this feature a few years back.

So after this, the next question that tickles the mind is, “how to add an end screen to your video?”

How can you add the end screen to your video?

If you wish to add an end screen to your video; this is how it should be done. Firstly, you need to log into your channel. If you need to add the screen in any existing video, take the cursor and rotate it on the video until the icon appears on your screen. After this, select the pen icon that will take you to the editing screen. On the right-hand screen, you will see the end screen option. Just click on it.

But if you wish to add the end screen in a new video; select the create button that flashes on the top right in the upload section. Once the processing is done, you will have to click on the Next button and move to the video element section. After this, select the “import from video” option and add the end screen to your video.

How can you use the end screen?

The YouTube end screen is a potent tool that is used for marketing your content. It is true, it hooks your viewers and makes them a potential buyer of your product or services, but one of the best benefits of this feature is to convert your viewer into a buyer. As this feature helps to tag things at the end of your video, it drives the views into getting your product most times. This is because they have just watched what your product or service is capable of, and showing the options right after that is a great marketing strategy. Your product here can be another video, a playlist, another channel or something else.

Using an end screen, the person can also drive the viewer into subscribing your channel instantly. So, if we need to conclude this in a nutshell, we can say that an end screen is a perfect call to action point.

Why is an end screen feature so powerful?

After you edit your video, say, using an app like outro maker and compile it for uploading; the best way to create a clickable CTA for your video is YouTube annotation. At least until now; but after the introduction of the end screen feature, you have a better choice.

What are the things that you can add to your end screen?

Now, after knowing all the aspects of the end screen, including its importance, use and advantages, one should also know what all things or elements they can add in their end screen. This is also significant information to keep a tab on. The elements that a person can add to the end screen are:

  1. A link to their other websites. But to put a link, you need to have a YouTube Partner Program.
  2. You can put a link to the YouTube channel of your friend or family.
  3. You can put your videos or any other videos in your end screen.
  4. You can use the end screen space for CTA like subscribe, share and like.
  5. You can also put a playlist; it can be yours or anyone else’s.

An end screen space is a handy tool for those who know how to use it. This feature is a boon for the creators because it can give their videos a boost. So, if you are running a YouTube channel, make sure to understand the full stretch of this tool and use it efficiently.

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