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Searching for a Nudibranch

Indonesia is an archipelagic nation known for its amazing oceanic underworld of fish and coral life; one of the most intensely coloured of these oceanic animals is the nudibranch. The outer islands are filled with strange sea creatures both big and small.

The nudibranch is a shell-less mollusc, a type of sea slug if you must. But, what a slug. They are the flashy dancers of the sea floor with brightly coloured extensions and bodies. With over 3,000 species in the nudibranch family, divers and snorkelers often see a few species at a time whilst exploring the seas of Indonesia.

Bunaken National Park and Raja Ampat are renown for macro diving. Small, beautiful creatures clinging to the ocean floor such as the nudibranch are plentiful in the regions and divers travel far and wide to explore these waters.

Check out the video below by YouTuber Ad0a0m for a small taste of what you can find simply snorkeling the shallow reefs of Bunaken Island and Raja Ampat.

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