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What are some traditions in Qatar?

traditions Qatar

Qatar is one of the countries in the UAE with traditional cultures that lay so much emphasis on hospitality and culture.

One of the charms that attracts a lot of visitors and ex-pats to Qatar is their hospitality. Also, Qataris uphold their traditional cultures in high esteem.

More so, they have held on to these cultures for a long time. Qataris pass on their traditions from one generation to another. Read this price and learn more about Qatar’s traditions.

Al Nafia

Al Nafia is one of the festivals that celebrates the rewards and blessings that the holy month of Ramadan brings. Also, Al Nafia is celebrated on 14 Shaaban. During the Al Nafia, most family members buy Ramadan staple grocery items and cook food in anticipation of the holy month.

Also, traditional Qatar dishes are prepared and distributed to other neighbors. Some of the local dishes that are prepared during the Al Nafia are Machboos, Hardee’s, Muhalabiya, etc. Qataris believe that there is a lot of blessing in doing things as a family. Therefore, is a lot of emphasis on Al Nafia.


The Melcha is another local tradition that has been around for decades. It is celebrated to mark the groom’s office asking for the bride’s hand in marriage from her father or his representative. The Melcha is celebrated on the night of the official signing of the marriage contract.

Interestingly, it’s the bride’s family that hosts the Melcha. Usually, the invitees are mainly close friends of the couple. During the ceremony, the bride’s family may decide to display all the gifts that the groom has bought for his bride. Generally, some of the items that are on the bride’s gift list are women’s accessories, clothing, a car, gold accessories, etc.

Ramadan cannon

Many years ago, a cannon was fired to mark the end of the fast. The aim is to ensure that people residing in other local villages hear it and break their fast. Surprisingly, firing the Ramadan cannon is still done in Qatar. The cannon is fired in some cities like Doha, Souq Al Wakrah, Souq Waqif, etc., to mark the end of the fast.


As soon as Ramadan is over, children go to houses in their area singing and dancing to celebrate Eid. Elders give the visiting kids cash or sweets to celebrate the Eidiya. Interestingly, kids who start earning a living are not qualified to get the Eidiya you are supposed to give. Sometimes, instead of money, some families offer toys and other presents.


Even though these are not all the traditions celebrated in Qatar, these are a few to give you the tip of the iceberg. Qatar has a rich tradition that celebrates hospitality. You can learn more through the Qatar-Indonesia 2023 cultural celebrations held yearly. Finally, you can visit Qatar during the holy month to learn more about its cultural values. Even though Qatar is turning into a modern country, they don’t joke with their values.

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