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The Art of Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (literally means wind-water or geomancy) is a traditional Chinese art dedicated to furnishing, building, and arranging homes in a calculated manner.

The reason this is done is because it is believed that by practicing this ancient art, a positive and healthy energy will be projected, helped by the balance of the natural forces of Yin; and Yang.

Feng Shui dates back 6,000 years, back to the time when people believed in it as a method to build prosperous villages. It was initially used to create farms in a way that would protect farmers from “dangerous energies” and ensure that they prospered within the protective guard of mountains. This negative energy was discovered to be harsh winds that could topple houses and blow away produce. Despite that, the art of Feng Shui continued to grow, being passed down from father to son then eventually producing learned scholars and ending up inside the Imperial Court. Feng Shui masters were forced to keep their methods secret.

As a general rule of thumb, Feng Shui discourages, and even outright refuses in certain cases to use harsh angles in furniture. Their furnishings must match each other, whether they are of the same colour or same style. It is very much suggested that furniture must contain solid wood to ensure a balance of being tied to the five elements; wood, water, fire, metal, and earth.

Living Room – Welcoming and Accommodating
Let us begin with the first room of a typical house or apartment – the living room. The front door must be sturdy and made of wood. In addition, it must open inwards to provide a welcoming and friendly sense. Installing a fireplace for the wall in your living room will also create a sense of warmth and comfort. After all, guests must be treated with the utmost respect. The pathway to the entrance itself must always be clear of debris and other obstacles to create an open, clear path for positive Chi to flow through.

Balance in life

Bedroom – Happiness, Assurances, and Positivity
For positive energy to flow freely in the bedroom, one must do the following. First, you must use a solid, wooden bedframe for the sole purpose of spiritual and physical stability. One must also have a clear, open space under the bed for an open flow of energy that will create inner happiness and health within the room. Next, allow for symmetry by having a wooden, identical nightstand by each bedside to bring peace and reassurance to one’s mind.

Hang pictures of nature such as a landscape image of the mountains and views of plant life in order to project a sense of serenity and relaxation. An inspirational quote is a good option too; it can create courage and positivity in one’s mind.

Warm colours such as creams and browns must be used. These hues can ensure that a soothing, calm, and positive atmosphere is achieved. This priority on order with colours is once again used when organising books. Books that are organised by colour, rather than other traits, are believed to bring both order and purpose.

Kitchen – The Heart of the Home
The kitchen is believed to be an integral part of one’s home, mainly because it is believed to be the heart of the home. As a result, much care has been put into ensuring everything goes smoothly within the kitchen, starting with the use of dark, earthy tones in furniture whenever possible. Masters of Feng Shui believe that these colours have a grounding effect to ensure stability.

The stove should never face the door because this force users to cook with their backs facing the door. This is considered taboo since it is said to invite negative energy, causing bad luck throughout the person’s day. The fridge, stove, and sink should also form a triangle for good luck. Feng Shui masters suggest that the kitchen table must be surrounded by chairs in order to create a sense of community. And finally, corners must always be illuminated because it is believed that dark spirits hide in the shadows, especially in corners.

Typically, lists of chores or work are pasted on the refrigerator door. However, Feng Shui masters encourage using positive images. These include pictures of family, nature, and quotes. Finally, adding vases of flowers or a bowl of fresh fruits is believed to help balance the five elements.

Why use Feng Shui?
The main reason why Feng Shui has remained an important centrepiece for many families is that it is believed to work magnificently; it truly creates a strong sense of peace, positivity, and prosperity in the household. As a bonus, their homes are beautifully decorated, shown by how neat and well-planned everything is. Whether you’re choosing to partake in Feng Shui for the promise of positive energy or for its aesthetically pleasing style of décor, there’s absolutely no doubt that this art is one you must try.

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