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5 Useful Tips For Traveling With One Backpack

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If you’re a budding traveler who always loves to overpack don’t worry. You are not alone. Even the most frequent traveler finds it hard to resist their urge to overpack.

One reason for this is the fact that my travelers couldn’t seem to imagine themselves traveling with only a backpack. Whenever they think about going on a trip, they always imagine themselves bringing luggage and a carry-on bag with them. However, traveling with just one backpack has been so much possible. You just have to learn how to be an expert in packing. 

1. Pack Smart

The key to packing with only a backpack is to learn about strategic packing. When you’re smart about packing, you will know the huge difference between the “need-to-pack” and the “nice-to-pack” items. Traveling with a small backpack will largely make your life so much easier on the road since you will be traveling as light as a bird and not as heavy as a mule. Not to mention the benefit of being able to avoid hefty fees that you have to pay for your luggage at the airport. Plus, you don’t have to find yourself wasting time waiting at the baggage claim area.

2. Choose the right clothes.

Choosing the right clothes to pack will tremendously reduce the number of clothes that you have to put inside your backpack. Opt for dark-colored clothes instead of light-colored ones. Dark clothes won’t make the dirt too obvious, so you are more likely to wear it twice and reduce the need for washing it more often. Yes, you can wear the same shirt twice. After all, nobody in Europe or any of your travel destinations will notice that you’re an outfit repeater. But, as travelers often say, if “You can’t change your clothes, you can change your city of destination!”

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3. Be wise in choosing your accommodations.

When choosing a place to stay while on a trip, see to it that you only opt for the ones that give you access to have your clothes washed. But, if your place of destination does not have any hotels that offer this opportunity, you can at least choose the one that is the nearest to a laundromat. However, if you check online for Airbnb accommodations you can certainly find one that offers a washer and dryer.

4. Pack travel-size toiletries.

Packing travel-size toiletries is also important when you’re traveling with just a backpack. It is even better if you just opt to buy these toiletries once you arrive at your destination. But, for your favorite and hard to find toiletries, you have to pack them in travel size containers such as your favorite hair gel. In case you forget any of these toiletries, don’t fret. Rest assured that you can buy these once you arrive in any of your chosen destinations. (Yes, indeed, you can buy a toothbrush and a toothpaste in Vietnam).

5. Practice the 7-day rule.

If you will be traveling with only a small backpack, then you have to implement the 7-day rule. This would mean you should only pack clothes and other essentials, enough to last you through the seven-day travel. So, if you apply the tip number two in this article, then you know that you do not have to pack seven pieces of clothes. If that shirt cannot be dried overnight after washing, then don’t bother to bring it. You also need to choose pants that don’t easily get dirty and are easy to wash and dry as well. Don’t bring more than two pairs of shoes. 

Once you get used to the idea of packing with only a backpack, you will greatly appreciate the freedom of traveling light. It feels so liberating to know that you can always bring your essentials with you wherever you go. So, whether you’re on a bus, a train, a plane or in any public transportation you don’t have to worry about leaving any luggage or bags somewhere else. 

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