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MERUSAKA Nusa Dua – Bali, a Beachfront Sanctuary Rich in Balinese Allure

Pak Ian Cameron

“MERUSAKA Nusa Dua is a wonderful beach resort with great facilities for a relaxing holiday.

It is, without a doubt, the fantastic staff members and management team that really make the MERUSAKA Nusa Dua stand out as being special,” said Ian Cameron, the General Manager of MERUSAKA Nusa Dua to Indonesia Expat. “Their ability to easily interact with travellers makes our guests feel very much like being at a better version of home, where hospitality and a genuinely caring outlook are easily given.”

Lobby Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
Lobby Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
Hi, Ian! We’d like to know more about you.

Hi! I’m Ian McDonald Cameron, a small giveaway to my birthplace in Scotland! I first worked in Bali over 33 years ago for three years before continuing my working career in Asia and then returning to Bali some 12 years ago. My friends know me as being a quiet, almost introverted, respectful person, and quite soft-spoken!!!

You’ve recently joined MERUSAKA Nusa Dua – Bali as its general manager. Tell us about this beachfront sanctuary.

Merusaka Nusa Dua – Bali is a beachfront, five-star hotel managed by Hotel Indonesia Group (HIG) that boasts 455 stunning deluxe rooms, suites, and villas – all emulating the vibrant culture of Bali. Located on 9.2 hectares of landscape also in the exclusive complex of the Nusa Dua area, it has direct access to the white sand beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Bali. Indonesian and international cuisines are featured at each of the hotel’s restaurants, lounges, and bars. Furthermore, this hotel is well-tailored for international meetings and weddings, including a spacious Grand Ballroom. Merusaka’s large garden areas are also ideal venues for events.

Dining Area Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
Dining Area Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
What exactly is the “Balinese allure” that Merusaka Nusa Dua exudes?

From the rooms to the lobby, which is fashioned over a traditional Balinese rice barn, combines local arts and culture to bring out the charm of Balinese traditions in all its elements. The hotel’s architecture is inspired by Balinese culture, especially the Seven Balinese Goddesses and Penglipuran Village.

Give our readers an itinerary that you urge guests to follow.

Since it is a beachfront hotel, guests can enjoy relaxing down in our lounge chairs by the beach, doing fun activities such as cycling and yoga, then relaxing by the three-tier main pool or channelling their adrenaline by jumping into the dive pool by the beach. To indulge and pamper your body, guests can come to our spa.

Beachfront Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
Beachfront Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
How is Merusaka unique compared to other beachfront accommodations in Nusa Dua?

We have quite a stretch of a long sandy beach and no coral – only sand shores, meaning guests enjoy swimming on our beach with clear turquoise water. Besides that, we also have a village that can accommodate you with a private hour-long river pool.

For someone interested in history, art, and entertainment, do you think Merusaka is the place to experience all of those?

Other than the cultural events held at the hotel, we are located only a short drive from the main artistic centres of Mas, or Ubud, and this makes for a great day outing. Since we have renovated our previous premises into a more modern one, but for the historical value, we are one of the first established hotels in Nusa Dua, being originally built in 1983. As for art, we adapted from the Balinese ambience.

What’s next for you and Merusaka Nusa Dua?

I try to continue to provide the best service for hotel guests who will stay at the hotel or who are staying by presenting what guests want, along with maintaining the facilities, which is good to give trust to the public to come to Merusaka Nusa Dua – of course, with my team and all hotel employees.

Ocean-View Room
Ocean-View Room at Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
You were previously residing in Yogyakarta, a city famed for its rich culture, and you’re now in Bali. Is there anything about the Javanese and Balinese cultures that surprisingly captivated you?

There is! Of course, there is a lot more to Indonesia than simply Bali, and I was very impressed to see that the Indonesian concept of open hospitality given freely from the heart is very much alive in Central Java as it is in Bali.

How can our readers get in touch with Merusaka Nusa Dua?

All Indonesia Expat readers can access our website at or call us at +62 361 2002 900 to get more information related to our offers and reservations. Don’t forget to follow us also on our social media @merusaka.nusadua!

Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua
Merusaka Hotel Nusa Dua

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