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E-KTP Corruption Case State Losses Expected To Rise


The on-going e-KTP corruption case has seen state losses reach Rp 2.3 trillion (US$172 million) in June, but officials predict that number is likely to increase as investigations continue.

The e-KTP program, which sees identification cards replaced with e-cards that are harder to counterfeit, has been widely panned with a slow roll-out across the countries and several officials embroiled in related corruption cases.

A team from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) last month tipped the known state loss would rise as the Agency for Financial and Development Supervision (BPKP) uncovers more data in the project worth almost Rp 6 trillion (US$450 million).

“It could increase because there are (components) not counted. If investigators can provide further data, we can process the case further,” BPKP Auditor Suaedi said at the Corruption Court Building in Central Jakarta in June, as reported by Tempo.

The cost of e-KPT production, including holograms and laminating, has not yet been reported to the BPKP. Per card, the e-KTP is believed to cost Rp,18,000 (US$1.35) per unit.

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