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Bloody Domestic Violence Attack Shocks Bali Social Media

A woman in Canggu, Bali, has been hospitalised following a vicious domestic violence attack on Tuesday evening, September 5.

Ni Putu Kariani has suffered serious injuries to her legs after her husband, 33-year-old Kadek Adi Waisaka Putra, attacked her with a machete.

“The left leg of the victim was sliced through the ankle, while the victim’s right leg was almost broken off, from the shin,” Badung Police Superintendent Yudith Satriya Hananta said, as reported by Tribun Bali.

Putra has been arrested and police have seized a 31-centimetre long machete, as well as clothing soaked in blood.

The gruesome attack is believed to have occurred in front of the couple’s young child.

Photos showing blood and the victim undergoing treatment have gone viral.

Investigations are continuing.

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