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Tidal Waves Lash Manado and North Sulawesi

Tidal waves occurred in the coastal area of Manado, North Sulawesi, in the Boulevard area on the evening of Sunday 17th January.

Around the area of Manado Town Square (Mantos), which is used as a car park, waves exceeded normal heights.

The 3-4 metres tidal waves in this area even reached as far as the road. Not only that, but the strong waves also carried gravel material. Luckily, not many vehicles were parked at the location. Vehicles trying to enter the Mantos area were forced to turn around.

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of the Bitung Maritime Meteorology Station issued a high wave early warning for the next two days, Monday 18th January to Tuesday 19th January.

The Coordinator of the BMKG Observation and Information Division of the Bitung Maritime Meteorology Station, Ricky Daniel Aror, said that there are five areas that are likely to have 2.5- to 4-metre-high waves due to rough seas in North Sulawesi.

“Namely the eastern part of the Sulawesi sea, the waters of the Sangihe Islands, the waters of the Talaud Islands, the western waters of the Sitaro Islands and the northern Maluku sea,” he said.

Wave heights of 1.25- to 2.5-metres, classed as a moderate sea, are likely to occur in the northern waters of North Sulawesi, the waters of the Sitaro Islands, the waters of Bitung-Likupang, the Maluku sea, and the Sulawesi sea.

Meanwhile, Sam Ratulangi Manado Meteorological Station Operational Coordinator Ben Arther Molle explained that moderate to heavy rain accompanied by lightning and strong winds has the potential to occur in the Sangihe, Talaud, Sitaro, and North Minahasa Islands.

“And it can extend to Manado, Bitung, North Minahasa, Tomohon, Minahasa, South Minahasa, and Minahasa Tenggara. This condition is expected to continue until 10:55pm local time,” he explained.

He also appealed to people living in areas prone to flooding and landslides, along rivers and hillside to be more careful.

Image credits Manado Tribun News

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