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Swedish Man Hold at Gunpoint, Beats Indonesian Woman

Swedish man in Bali
Swedish Man Hold at Gunpoint, Beats Indonesian Woman

A Swedish man in Bali, named David, has assaulted a woman with the initials AP, because the perpetrator allegedly refused to pay after their date. A gun and knife were both apparently pulled during the incident.

“The victim was tortured; beaten several times around the face, head, neck, and left hand with the man’s fists. Then, the victim was strangled and he pointed a gun to her face while holding a knife to her neck,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of South Denpasar Police, AKP Hadimastika Karsito Putro.

David was arrested on Friday 16th April 2021. The situation occurred in the Sanur area on 22nd March 2021 at around 8am local time.

At that time, AP was contacted via a messaging application by the perpetrator’s friend, named Robert, on 21st March at around 11:30pm local time. Robert asked the victim to come to accompany his friends.

The victim agreed as long as she was paid Rp800,000, to which Robert agreed on. The victim left home with her friend, initial L, at around 12:45am and arrived at the location at around 1:11am.

“After that, the victim and the witness accompanied Robert’s friends in drinking, then at around 6am, David invited the victim to enter a room,” explained Hadimastika. 

Following their interactions, the victim asked David for Rp800,000 in accordance with the previous agreement with Robert, the man who instigated the meeting. David was willing to pay, but he had no cash and could apparently only make transfers via mobile banking.

Before sending the money, explained Hadimastika, David went into the bathroom and on his return had changed his mind and did not want to transfer the money. The perpetrator and victim quarreled, and finally, the alleged act of violence ensued.

These actions led to David being made a suspect by the police.  He is subject to article 351 of the criminal code (KUHP) with the threat of two years imprisonment.

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