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Procedures for Passengers Abroad Entering Indonesia

The procedure to enter Indonesia from abroad isn’t easy at the moment. Indonesia requires all travellers to complete a series of health checks in an attempt to minimize the chances of people with COVID-19 entering the country.

180 passengers arriving from the United Arab Emirates on 31st August faced a challenging experience. As soon as the passengers landed, they were taken down a long corridor at terminal three at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. They were seated in chairs arranged to facilitate social distancing.

The process they faced started with medical examinations, followed by a request for proof of PCR testing, and rapid tests. The travellers also had to undergo immigration checks before picking up their baggage.

In general, officers will double-check all documents are valid and confirm proof of medical tests as well as any necessary legal procedures. Those who have not been tested are taken care of by a task force and are obliged to be in quarantine for 3-5 days before receiving PCR test results.

If the results come out negative, travellers are able to continue their journey. However, if the results are positive, they would be transferred to Wisma Atlet Hospital or another referral hospital.

Indonesian airlines have been dominated by Indonesian citizens returning to their homeland. The ban on visits to Indonesia for foreigners is yet to be lifted. Only foreigners who hold a temporary or permanent residence permit (KITAS/KITAP) are allowed to enter Indonesia for now.

Source: Batampos

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