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Pool Party in North Sumatra, Management Determined as a Suspect

Pool Party in North Sumatra, Management Determined as a Suspect

The Medan Police of North Sumatra has named the general manager of Hairos Water Park as a suspect in a case of violating health protocols at a water park that has gone viral on social media.

ES, the general manager of Hairos Water Park, is officially a suspect after undergoing questioning at the Medan Police Criminal Investigation Unit with six other people who were witnesses. ES is considered most responsible for the violation of health protocols that occurred at Hairos Water Park some time ago. Videos of the event were widely circulated on social media with the first one appearing on 28th September.

Deputy Head of Police of the Medan Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police, Irsan Sinuhaji, said that ES has been charged under law No. 6/2018 on health quarantine, and is threatened with up to one year in prison. Although ES has the status of a suspect, he has not been detained because it is believed that he will not escape.

Apart from investigating the Hairos Water Park, the Medan Police also conducted an internal investigation at the Medan Police. This was to ascertain whether there was involvement from the local police in relation to the violation of health protocols that occurred at Hairos Water Park.

“This information was obtained by our personnel from social media, and was broadcast on television. Police officers went to the location where the community gathered. For these activities, no one submitted a recommendation letter to the task force,” said AKBP Irsan.

Groups of people were swimming and not abiding to health protocols. In fact, a discount entry ticket and a DJ was present to attract the public.

Deputy Chairman of the North Sumatra COVID-19 Task Force, Col. Inf Azhar Mulyadi said the crowd at the swimming pool at Hairos Water Park was appalling, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic because the crowd could become a new cluster. Azhar emphasised that his party won’t hesitate to take firm action against violators and urged other businesses to not repeat the scenes.

“Judging from the capacity of the pool, it can fit approximately 400 people. It should be at half capacity during the pandemic but around 750 people were present,” he said.

The Hairos Water Park itself is currently temporarily closed following the initial police action on 2nd October. Meanwhile, ES is currently only subject to compulsory reporting whilst investigations continue; there are still possibilities for additional suspects in this case.

Source: Okezone and Kompas

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