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Odd-Even Traffic Policy in Bali Effective 25th September

odd-even Bali

The odd-even system designed to reduce congestion in Bali around tourist destinations will be in place as long as PPKM is extended.

According to the Head of Traffic of the Denpasar Police Kompol, Ni Putu Utariani, the odd-even locations in Bali will be applied in a number of tourist destinations (DTW) and will take effect from 25th September.

Head of the Bali Provincial Transportation Service IGW Samsi Gunarta said that the odd-even policy is a way to control and regulate fluctuations in DTW visits. The local government is anticipating mass gatherings of tourists as trial openings of tourist attractions in Bali begin.

If there is a vehicle with an incorrect license plate number, it will be asked to make a U-turn, said Samsi Gunarta.

The following are the odd-even locations in Bali:

Odd-even locations in Bali for the Sanur Tourist Destination, Denpasar City
  1. Matahari Terbit Beach Access Road
  2. Sanur Beach Access Road, from Jalan Hang Tuah
  3. Segara Beach Access Road
  4. Shindu Beach Access Road
  5. Kerang Beach Access Road
  6. Semawang Beach Access Road
  7. Merta Sari Beach Access Road
Odd-even locations in Bali for Kuta Tourism Destinations, Badung Regency

Applicable along Jalan Pantai Kuta starting from the intersection of Jalan Kuta Beach to Jalan Bakung Sari.

In particular, the rules in a number of odd-even locations in Bali do not apply to vehicles with red or yellow number plates, National Army or Police operational service vehicles, vehicles of certain interests, and logistics transport vehicles.

The following are the complete odd-even rules in Bali while PPKM is extended:
  1. Odd-even locations in Bali for access to coastal tourist areas from Sanur to Kuta are valid every Saturday, Sunday, on national holidays, and local holidays and festivals.
  2. The odd-even policy in Bali during PPKM applies to four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles with a motorised vehicle number (TNKB) plate with black and white backgrounds.
  3. Vehicles that are allowed to pass on odd dates are vehicles with the last number on their plate is an odd number, and the opposite applies on even dates.
  4. The odd-even DTW system applies during 6:30-9:30am local time and at 3-6pm local time.

The Bali Provincial Government has begun to implement a trial opening of tourist attractions.

During the trial period for opening tourist attractions in Bali for nine regencies, we only allow open tourism such as nature and culture to be opened to welcome tourists who come to Bali,said Head of Bali Tourism Office Putu Astawa in Denpasar.

Meanwhile, tourist attractions that are in closed areas are still prohibited from opening. These attractions can start to be visited by domestic tourists.

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