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Kids Riding Motorcycle Without Helmets Taught Valuable Lesson by Cop

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A short video showing a police officer stopping and lecturing four minors who were riding a motorcycle without helmets in Palembang, South Sumatra, has caught the attention of netizens after the video was uploaded on Instagram on Friday.

The kids, who are believed to be in grade school, told the police officer they were going to harvest durian at a nearby plantation following a request from their respective parents on Thursday.

The officer, identified as Hendra Napit, the head of the Musi Rawas Police traffic engineering and education division, used the opportunity to teach the kids about the importance of road safety.

In an interview with, Hendra said the kids were apparently unfazed by his warning – that is, until he mentioned their parents.

“They are not afraid of police officers. They are afraid of their parents. So when I said their parents would have to confiscate their motorcycle, they were scared,” he said.

In the video, the driver of the motorcycle is seen trying to drive away, but Hendra manages to stop him by grabbing hold of a handlebar.

“As stipulated in the [traffic safety] rules, we took the motorcycle to the office so that the parents know and understand what they had done wrong by allowing a minor to drive a motorcycle,” Hendra said.

After he confiscated the motorcycle, Hendra sent the children back to their respective houses via public transportation.

The motorcycle was parked at the Musi Rawas Police station on Saturday. According to the police, no one has showed up to take it yet.

Source: Jakarta Post

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