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Jakarta Outer Ring Road to Introduce Integrated Tariffs

The Public Works and Housing Ministry’s Indonesia Toll Road Authority (BPTJ) has announced that the integrated tariffs on the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) will take effect on September 29.

BPTJ head Herry Trisaputra Zuna clarified initial reports saying that tariffs would start on September 23. He said that date was the start of the information dissemination program.

“The integrated tariffs are scheduled to start late this month, namely on September 29. We need to disseminate information about the policy to road users,” he said in Jakarta over the weekend as reported by Tribun News.

He said information would be displayed along roads close to the JORR in the form of banners and brochures.

He assured that technically, all preparations had been made.

Under the new tariff scheme, five toll gates – GT Meruya Utama, GT Meruya Utama 1, GT Semper Utama, GT Rorotan and GT Pondok Ranji – will be removed starting midnight of September 29 and users will pay the tariff as they enter the toll gates.

The tariffs will be Rp 15,000 (US$1.01) for small vehicles (Group 1), Rp 22,500 for medium-sized vehicles (Group 2 and 3) and Rp 30,000 for large vehicles (Group 4 and 5).

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: twitter KemenPU (Kementerian PUPR)

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